About Us

What is MyCity4Her? MyCity4Her is the nation’s first national standardized and regionally focused media resource fully dedicated to serving the needs of women business owners, women in business and those who wish to connect and conduct business with them. We were founded in April 2007 by a visionary, successful female entrepreneur who recognized the need for a more democratic, effective and affordable approach to visibility, promotion and access to “game changing” information and inspiration – particularly for independent women business owners. Hence the creation of MyCity4Her, Inc.

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Our Founder and CCO (Chief Connections Officer) is Monyka Berrocosa. She is a marketing and communications professional with over 23 years experience in the art of “being seen” by the right people, at the right time and the art of knowing how to capitalize on the opportunity to achieve strategic goals for growth.  “M” as she likes to be called by her friends – has been recognized as a media professional,  entrepreneurial advocate, and champion of women in business for well over a decade.

MyCity4Her Media was started and founded based on a simple premise; that being seen and being found shouldn’t be cost prohibitive and it should be democratic.

In the timeless words of Madeleine Albright “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

MyCity4Her.com was created to give women in business, and interested members of our internet audience a unique place on the web where they could go to learn about business related topics, stories and individuals of particular interest or relevance to women in business. MyCity4Her.com is published with a definite focus and commitment to inform, inspire and empower women in business to be the best they can be, be better informed and as successful as they dream to be.

Content spans a range of topics and tools to allow women in business, female entrepreneurs and decision makers to:

  • Have democratized access to game-changing Industry and subject matter expertise contributed by recognized regional authorities and professionals
  • Have timely and immediate access to Information, visibility and resources of particular interest and value to women in business whether they are business owners or executives
  • Promote themselves, their businesses and their causes affordably and effectively leveraging the power and impact of the internet as a platform.

Our content is curated in the following ways:

  • Nationally
  • Regionally
  • By Industry
  • By Category

and is a mix of user contributed, editorial and the best the internet has to offer.

We offer a range of subscription services to suit the needs of a variety of clients ranging from the small, independent business owner to the larger corporation seeking to connect and do business with today’s highly sought after and affluent audience of women in business. To learn more about our service subscriptions click here.

For information about how to be considered for a feature on our blog, or included in our women in business directory, or added as a resource please call our offices at: 410-769-6450.

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That’s what MyCity4Her, Inc & MyCity4Her.com are about .

So, who are you going to help lift and climb today?