Get Balance in your life now!

MyCity4HER balance

Women in business are busy. Let’s face it women in general, are busy – period.


We are do’ers, care-takers, dreamers, builders, managers, cheerleaders, teachers, builders and members of a team.

We are also moms, daughters, grandma’s, aunt’s, neighbors, sisters, cousins, and community members who care.  Keeping all that in balance is a bit of a balancing act, and we get that. Why? Because we do it too!

MyCity4HER recognizes the challenges a woman faces as she works to grow HER established businesses, non-profits and start-up. Our team is here to help HER find work/life balance in the day-to-day. Each having a business of HER own, the team members at MyCity4HER can listen to HER story. We help find focus, educate, inspire and promote anyone who is ready to tell HER story.

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