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MyCity4HER Women Talent

MyCity4HER understands that no matter how great what you are doing is, if no one knows about it, you and your business won’t be successful and grow.

That’s why we’ve come up with some unique, and very easy to use ways to help you gain visibility, gain exposure and grow.

With a market of over 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States generating nearly $1.3 trillion in revenues, and employing over 7 million, women in business is BIG Business and, MyCity4HER has known that for over 7 years. We’re not new to the party, and that’s why we can help HER reach a target audience, local business people, and more better than anyone else!

The team at MyCity4HER, led by Monyka Berrocosa, is determined to work for HER in taking HER message, HER mission statement, and HER story to those in business and commerce who need to hear it. MyCity4HER is in 10 markets across the United States. MyCity4HER also offers print, media, and web options to its partners and stakeholders as part of a partnership to promote HER and all she does for business. Whether you’re looking to…

  • Introduce a new and exciting product or service
  • Find investment for your business so you can expand or bring an idea to market
  • Position yourself as an industry expert and thought leader
  • Increase your web site’s search engine optimization and visibility
  • Or just…get your name out there – you want to and you should

We can and want to help YOU with that.

Click here to discover our solutions designed to support you whatever stage of your business, or career you are and help you grow!

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