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More for HER

Month: July 2011


Creating an outdoor room in your home can be done inexpensively and will expand your living spaces, giving you more room to relax and entertain.  Common outdoor rooms refer to spaces like a porch, patio or gazebo…any space that has…

Fashionable Friday

Last night, I made the most amazing discovery. I found an accessory that will completely change and trendify any outfit

The U.S. Debt Limit: Questions and Answers

As August 2 approaches, you’ll likely hear increasingly urgent debate over the nation’s debt ceiling. That’s the approximate date by which the Treasury estimates it will no longer be able to borrow under the current $14.3 trillion limit.

Grillfire, New York-Based American Grill, Set to Open Inaugural Maryland Location at the Town Center at Arundel Preserve in Late July

Grillfire, the sixth restaurant of the New York-based George Martin Group, has scheduled a late July opening for its inaugural Maryland location at The Town Center at Arundel Preserve in Anne Arundel County. Conceived as a sophisticated American Grill and presenting a menu incorporating breakfast, lunch, weekend brunch and dinner, the restaurant is contained within The Hotel at Arundel Preserve, a 150-room full-service hotel that is also set to become operational on July 28. A dedicated Facebook page providing updated information about Grillfire Arundel can be accessed here.