3 Tips to Stay Healthy And Sane During the Holidays with Lynne Brick of Brick Bodies

guest 8-7-12The holidays are an exciting time of year with gift giving, great food and great family time. Despite all of its good points, the holidays can also be a stressful time: Buying those gifts to give takes patience when surfing through the crowded malls, cooking that great food takes loads of time not to mention it’s not always the healthiest choices around the table and that great family time takes planning and may even involve some clean up when everything is said and done. Through it all, it may be hard–nearly impossible sometimes–to stay fit and sane!

MyCity4Her had to pleasure of talking to with fitness guru and businesswoman extraordinaire Lynne Brick, co-owner of Brick Bodies, about what to do during this stressful and hectic time of year to stay focused, happy and healthy. See her tips below

  • Eat a little less: “It’s the holiday season. I think everyone should be able to partake and enjoy,” Lynne says. But partaking doesn’t mean going nuts. Brick says you should indulge in ones: one drink, one appetizer, one well-balanced plate of food and one dessert. Lynne says viewing things this way will help with your mindset and portion control.
  • Move a little more: To move a little more, Lynne says to focus on the little things we do every day. “Instead of parking right next to the door of the store that you have to go in to for your last minute shopping or the grocery store, park further away.” It may seem small but those extra steps add up! You can even incorporate leg lifts while brushing your teeth to add more movement to simple everyday tasks.
  • De-stress: The most challenging task for most women (especially women in business!) is to de-stress but Lynne says it can be “very easy.” For starters, take breaks from the computer! “Every single hour that you’re on the computer, pull yourself away and stand up,” Brick advises. “When you stand up just shake out your arms, shake out your legs, roll your shoulders back and take some deep breaths.”

Listen to Lynne Brick’s full interview on MyCity4Her Radio

For more tips from Lynne, visit her blog on BrickBodies.com.

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