4 Tips to MARKET SIMPLE with Expert Sherron Washington

Author and Marketing Expert Sherron WashingtonMarketing Maven Sherron Washington is no stranger to marketing and communications. She has been helping people learn the ins and outs of effectively getting their message across for decades as a Professor  of Communications. The talented Ms. Washington has also been a professional consultant through her company The P3 Solution which she has owned for over 9 years.
Sherron recently came out with a terrific book to help busy, frazzled entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals put together an effective and SIMPLE Marketing strategy designed to get results, fast,  The book is appropriately titled “Market Simple” and its highly anticipated release took place in March 2015.

In between book launch duties and speaking engagements Sherron recently took some time to speak with MyCity4HER about her entrepreneurial journey and share her top tips to help people #marketsimple.

What made you want to write a book?

SW: have been in marketing for 14 years, when I decided to embark on owning a business, I did not have much time and there weren’t many resources for me to choose from to help me excel without taking a longer route. As I begin to work with clients, I realized that they too were turned off and intimidated behind tasks because of the amount of work that had to be done to get it done.  So I decided to create a shorter, yet still effective way for business owners and organizations to create a marketing plan and still be effective.

How long was the process?

SW:It took me about 2 years to perfect a shorter plan.

What are the top 4 tips you can share from the book?

  1. Know the difference between Branding and Marketing  –   Branding is your position, Marketing promotes your position. When promoting it is important to understand how each piece operates
  2.  Know Your Coke –  Find a Niche, Coca Cola took years to perfect and market a formula before they moved to another product.  Master one product/service before you move to the next.
  3. Choose One Goal  – It is difficult to reach several goes at one time successfully, choose one goal to reach at a time.
  4.  Choose Strategies/Tactics That facilitate your goal  –   Work on efforts that are going to contribute meeting your goal  directly, not indirectly.  The object is to meet or exceed your expectations.

What motivated you to start your business?

SW: I wanted to do something with all the things that I love.

What if you knew then, what you know now would you do differently if anything?

SW: Found and developed my niche  before I expanded

What is the best advice you have ever been given and why?

SW: You cannot be everything to everyone, so par down your service offerings.  It helped me to regain focus and encouraged me to execute better efforts

Who is your ideal client?

SW: Small Business Owners and Associations

What you do to keep motivated? 

SW: Stay Abreast of the Trends and Engage With People who have similar energy levels about building themselves.

What do you do to unwind, refresh, re-energize?

SW: Rollerskate  ( 34 years)

What is your favorite thing to eat or cook?

SW: Veggie Table Tacos

Where do you get your inspiration? 

SW: Other Entrepreneurs Who Are Moving IN Their Passion

What community or non-profit causes are near and dear to your heart?

SWEverbodyWinsDC.org & Womens Center Both are in DC

Where can people buy the book?

Market Simple is Available as an E-Book on Amazon Kindle, it can also be purchased in print on my web site

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