4 Tools To Keep Your Business Computers Safe And Secure

computer security day

It’s Computer Security Day!

Today (November 30) is a fine time to review the processes you have in place for your business to make sure its computers are up-to-date and secure. Women in business are often thought to be lacking in technology know how, or not quite as tech savvy as their male counterparts – but that is really a generality that is fading with time.  This being said tech subjects tend to intimidate many and with that in mind we’ve complied a list of 4 tools you can easily use that will help you in your mission of keeping your computers safe and secure, and even a few that will assist you if a dreaded virus were to attack.

Read on for some of our favorite computer security resources to help keep your computer safe…

Password Generators – Is your password generally your dog’s name, your birthday or your hometown? If it is, chances are a hacker could figure this out. Make your password (almost) hacker-proof by using a password generator to create your next one. They automatically spew out a series of random numbers and letters, making it nearly impossible to guess.

BleepingComputer.com – If you’re a start-up or small business, you may not have an IT staff that can quickly spring into action If your anti-virus software has failed. A good (and free) route to take for assistance are computer help forums like BleepingComputer.com. On forums like these are tech and computer savvy users eager to help you restore your computer’s glory.

HiJackThis – In order to assist the person assisting you on a tech forum like the one mentioned above, it would be helpful to supply a HiJackThis log. The log will provide a detailed report of the registry and file settings on your comp and can pin-point exactly what’s wrong, making it that much easier to fix.

Adblock Plus – Even seemingly safe websites can fall victim to malicious malware being severed through third-party advertisements. What’s worst is you can receive a virus from these ads without clicking on them. To protect your business computers from this unexpected attack, make sure employees run a browser extension like Adblock Plus. This is an easy to install add-on to major web browsers like Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera and Android that filters out ads for a safer and arguably more enjoyable internet surfing experience.

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