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8 Women Entrepreneurs Share The Best Business Advice They’ve Ever Been Given

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“What is the best business related advice you have ever been given,” is a question we always ask our women entrepreneur subjects in our Q&A 4Her interview features. Because you can never get too much good advice, we decided to round up a few of the best responses this very question has garnered over the past year. Take a look at the advice below. It may help you lift and climb your business to the next level in the new year!

“Love what you do. When it begins to feel like work, or a struggle, it is not for you anymore. I have always been able to love what I do, or at least morph my careers into something that brings me joy. Martha Beck once told me, “Do what makes you happy”. I try to apply that to every part of my life. It is harder than you think.” – Alyssa Dinowitz, Founder of ChewyLou Designs

“Take the long-term view. Many people become discouraged and lose steam and focus because they don’t see results. If you have done your research, and you know you have a good product, you have to knock on every door, call up every connection you have, pursue the wildest sounding ideas and go for it until you achieve your results. Quitting simply isn’t an option.” – Ria Greiff, Co-Founder of MailTamer

“Actually, it was advice from a good friend. I was chatting with her about a problem with the business and she calmly said. “Drop it and move on!” Sometimes I think that we get so determined with where we want to go, we don’t realize that there may be another route. I was trying desperately to make something work with another individual. There had been many conversations, emails, etc. It was never going to happen. I realized that there was nothing wrong with dropping it and moving in a new direction. Unfortunately, I realized this after many sleepless nights! There is always another way.” – Deborah J. Carducci, President of Carducci Design Group, Inc.

“Interesting that this advice was not given to me directly, I received it indirectly, yet it rings very strong for me. That is, if I can no longer do my job with integrity, then I will no longer do my job or work in my field.” – Kerry De Vivo, Owner of Excel Pilates Annapolis

“The best advice I got is “compete against your own potential, not other people.” I have applied this not only to business but life in general. This mentality allows me to push myself to set my own goals, and pursue new challenges.” – Jackie Luo, CEO of E-ISG Asset Intelligence Inc.

“Know how to delegate and find out your strengths and weaknesses early on so you can hire people to fill in the voids.” – Miral Kotb, Founder of iLuminate

“I’m often asked this question and I always give two answers: My father once told me, “only be nice to the people you meet on the way up if you plan on coming back down again.” It seems harsh, but it is also a fair statement. Second, Gordon Segal (Crate & Barrel, CEO) told me, you can’t be afraid to go back and start over; it’s from that willingness that you will find the courage to move forward even during adversity.” – Shereese Maynard, CEO of The MayHAC Corporation

“The best advice I’ve been given is what most people say, that you have to be passionate.  Being passionate about what you do will keep you pushing in the right direction without giving up. Another thing to remember is that in the first few years, you will have “really high high’s and really low low’s.” That was good for me to hear, because the first years are tough, and knowing that helped me get through them. It can feel personal, and the emotions can swing up and down, but the highs, like getting your first big order, are worth every minute!” – Stacy Fraser of Pink Chicken

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