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Ask the Designer – How Not to Decorate

By Affiliate Rita Alexander of Chrysalis Interiors, Inc

When it comes to decorating your home, we all slip up at times.  To avoid making some of the most common faux pas, check out these important tips:

  • Don’t hang art work too should be hung at about eye level. This can vary but, err on the side of low vs high.  The same goes for chandeliers; you want to light the room, not the ceiling.
  • Don’t place “style” over comfort. Think of how the piece is to be used.  There are many great looking, comfortable sofas and chairs available so why sacrifice comfort!

Above all, don’t place furniture against walls- instead create more intimate areas within  your room that are conducive to family gatherings and conversation.


Quick Tips: Simple Changes

For a more functional, impactful placement of furniture with the addition of a few unique accessories can make all the difference.  Your rooms will look updated and refreshed without the expense of starting from scratch.

Paint is another quick, inexpensive fix and while the process of choosing an interior color pallet can be challenging, changing room colors can make rooms feel new again.


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