At MyCity4Her we believe in making the communities we do business in better through greater access to democratic visibility, game-changing information and resources, donated media sponsorship for worthy causes, non-profits and initiatives that mirror our vision and mission but also financial support.

This being said our financial giving mission is very specific, targeted and focused. We have a small annual giving budget and we make our decisions to support various causes through financial gifts very carefully and strategically.

Here is a list of the causes we support financially, as well as through sponsored media – why these causes are important to us – and how we help.

Women’s heart health and wellness

Because unfortunately 1 in 3 women will die from heart disease in North America, particularly the United States and the fact our founder has a history of heart disease in her family, we have decided to make heart health awareness something personal at MyCity4Her. We donate funds to the American Heart Association through the Go Red initiative and we also make it a point to support events and initiatives that raise awareness and funds for this mission as well.

General Disaster Relief, Military family communication and connection, blood banks, CPR and various wellness trainings, and more

The Red Cross’s huge, over reaching mission to help is one that appeals to us on multiple levels as a result, we have found that by making financial contributions to this worthy cause we can positively impact the lives of many women, children and families. With that in mind the Red Cross is a focal point of the dollars we earmark for donation annually.

Access to Education

MyCity4Her’s founder firmly believes she would not have had the success she experiences today, were it not for her ability to have a quality education at an institution of her choosing. With that in mind, MyCity4Her is committed to aiding female students reach for the stars and make their dreams come true when pursuing careers or studies in the fields of: e-commerce, computer science and communications. MyCity4Her is presentily in the process of establishing small, ongoing scholarships in a variety of educational institutions that support this goal. Stay tuned for updates on our scholarships.

Quality of Life Enhancement for victims of domestic violence and their children

MyCity4Her has been an active supporter of the House of Ruth in Baltimore, MD since 2007 when it decided to make providing holiday cheer for the children an annual tradition. In 2009, MyCity4Her installed the first “Giving Spirits Foundation Game Room” in the Weinberg Shelter, and continues to work towards offering more opportunities for children to remember to be children and play, and Mom’s to take respite as it can. Stay tuned for news about our next Giving Spirits Game Room Project and how you can help.

Since our financial resources are finite, we do what we can to sponsor donated media support to worthy causes that meet our criteria for doing so.

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