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Donna Glehello’s Goulibeur Shortbread To Be Featured On The Martha Stewart Show Tomorrow!

TV alert! Donna Glehello, owner of Breton Gourmet, will be featured on tomorrow’s (Friday, May 11) episode of The Martha Stewart Show! For the segment, Brenton Gourmet’s new line of delectable, all natural Goulibeur Shortbread will make its debut.

The Martha Stewart Show airs on The Hallmark Channel at 10am EST. Please check your local listings for exact channel information.

Before you take a look at Donna and her French gourmet treats on The Martha Stewart Show tomorrow, read a little more about her, her business and why Martha Stewart considers her cookies a “good thing” in MyCity4Her‘s interview:

What made you decide to go into the cookie business?

It was love at first bite the minute I saw the product in France.  I loved the history – 100 year grandmother’s recipe – 4 ingredients and the tradition of breaking & sharing a galette with friends and family. Oh and the best kept secret is it’s dessert applications.

What do you think is the hardest aspect of bringing a product into the market when it comes to the gourmet or specialty food business?

As in any market, it’s knowing your customer and understanding their needs and in the case of gourmet and specialty, they want exactly that–something gourmet and special!  I learned that in my very first meeting with Dean & Deluca. How will they react to another “cookie?” One look at the packaging – liked it! One taste – sold! First ever rush order!

How did you react when you heard Martha thought your  cookie was a “good thing” and planned on featuring it?

Martha’s episode features female French chefs and she very much wanted to share some French product with the audience and of all the French products available in the US, the packaging of our French Cube Tin caught their eye. Samples were sent and a day later approved!

Other famous people love the cookie – such as favorite shoe designer Stuart Weitzman and his Mom – what makes this cookie so special and why?

Correct. Our first show in New York made fans of Margaret Weitzman, the creative director of Cooking Light magazine just to name a few. Just like me, people eat with their eyes, large variety of packaging is stunning and unlike anything on the US market today.  The taste – well it’s like the food critic in the movie Ratatouille said – one bite truly transports you back to your grandmother’s kitchen or your trip to Paris. We’ve heard time and time – it’s back to basics – it’s an emotional experience. Amazing how 4 ingredients – flour, butter, sugar and eggs – the taste of the French butter and the beautiful presentation make all the difference. Ask Neiman Marcus to Disney– truly one bite!

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

I truly enjoy working with products that I have a strong passion for – I simply love everything about this product line and it brings me so much joy to introduce it to the US market.  I’ve learned so much and continue to learn a great deal in a segment that I have no experience in – so I guess it’s the challenge of it all!

What if you knew then, what you know now – would have done differently when you started your business?

I would have started it years ago!

What’s the best advice about business that you’ve ever been given?

Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.  It’s easy to say, hard to do but when you do it’s so very rewarding.

What – when you’re not hawking tasty cookies – do you like to do for fun?

Love spending time with family and friends in our house in Canton.  My first import – my French husband – is a fabulous cook and we love to make people happy when they come to our home.  Oh and Bikram yoga when I’ve had too many cookies


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