Gather Baltimore – Affordable Healthy Food in Baltimore City

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These days, all food is expensive, let’s face it, depending on where you live in Baltimore, FRESH and HEALTHY food might not even be available. Gather Baltimore is trying to do something about that.

For the modest sum of $6, that’s right 600 pennies, you can collect an IKEA blue bag containing a variety of a week’s worth of fresh food. How is this possible you say?

Gather Baltimore is a volunteer-based program, created by OSI fellow Arthur Gray Morgan, that collects unsold vegetables, fruit and bread from the Baltimore Farmers’ Market & Bazaar in downtown Baltimore and other sources for redistribution to local meal programs, faith communities, and others in need. The baked goods, fruit and seasonal produce collected would otherwise be thrown away as it will not stay fresh until the next market. Gather Baltimore insures that this food does not become waste but instead is made available to financially challenged families in communities where fresh healthy food is not readily accessible.

For those not able to spend a week’s wage on micro greens and organic produce at tonier locations, Gather Baltimore fills a wonderful need. According to the  Healthy fruits and vegetables at an affordable price, served up with a smile and dignity. According to the American Heart Association, on a 1600 calorie diet, a person should be eating at least 4-5 helpings of fresh vegetables and 4 helpings of fresh fruit. This is an affordable way to be able to do so. See the guidelines here.

Recently MyCity4HER checked out the Mill Valley pick up location and talked to a young mother purchasing two bags…here’s what she had to say “I can’t believe I have all this healthy food for so little money. I’m going to share some with my neighbor who can’t walk very well, and never eats really healthy. 4 heads of lettuce, can you believe it, and strawberries?”

Purchasers are encouraged to bring back their bags to keep costs down and be environmentally friendly.

Gather Baltimore can always use help to to do the good they are doing for the city, to find out about volunteer opportunities click here.

To find out more about Gather Baltimore click here.


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