Glass Jacobson’s “Protect Yourself” Seminars to Become Regular Series

Following on the success of February’s “Protect Yourself” seminar, CPA Wealth Management firm and MyCity4Her Affiliate company Glass Jacobson and law firm Hodes, Pessin & Katz are pleased to announce that the seminars will become a regular series, with the first to take place Tuesday, September 20. Subsequent seminars will take place in November, January and May.

Financial and legal professionals from both firms will present at the series, called “Women: Protect Yourself: Financial and Legal Strategies for Navigating Life’s Stages.” Devoted to help women navigate the unique challenges they face, each of the free seminars will focus on a distinct topic, such as:

  • Women in Business- Business 101 and 201
  • Women with Young Families
  • Women taking care of Aging Parents
  • Women facing an “Empty Nest”

“Glass Jacobson and Hodes, Pessin & Katz have a long-standing commitment to serving the women of our community,” said Tammy Schneider, director of Glass Jacobson’s Women In Business Practice. “The ‘Protect Yourself’ series is an extension of that commitment and will give women the valuable information they need to further themselves, their businesses and their families.”

“Protect Yourself” also provides a fully rounded experience, giving women valuable life information. In addition to providing women with crucial financial and legal advice, the seminars will also feature leading nutritionists and self-defense experts to teach women how to live fuller and healthier lives.

“In the Baltimore metro region, women are too often without the resources they need to achieve the highest possible level of success,” said Nicole Ames, director of marketing and business development at Hodes, Pessin & Katz. “With these seminars, we seek to provide those needed resources and give women a new sense of empowerment.”

About Glass Jacobson

Founded in Baltimore in 1962 as a traditional CPA firm, Glass Jacobson has evolved into a wealth management firm to better serve its clients’ diverse, ever-growing financial needs. Today, the firm’s unique Wealth Management Model brings together the essential services of Investment Management, Advanced Planning and Relationship Management, and delivers them with unparalleled expertise and professionalism.

Serving as a personal CFO, Glass Jacobson looks beyond the numbers to get to the core of every client’s financial situation. The firm delivers a full team of in-house CPAs, investment advisors, financial planners and insurance specialists to every client. To learn more about Glass Jacobson, please see

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