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It’s Never “Just A Website”: Tips To Build A Better Website


Your business’ website is one of the most important pieces of the online presence puzzle so taking the approach that it’s “just a website” isn’t practical one. Before approaching a creative agency or freelancer to build your website, it helps to have a clear vision of your needs and goals for it and your business.

MyCity4Her Graphic Design Enterprise Expert Jessica Watson of JWatson Creative shared 5 questions you should ask yourself before diving into the website building or redesign process. Knowing the answers to these questions will undoubtedly help you build better website!

  • What is the purpose of my website? Am I selling a service or a product that someone needs to buy? Am I calling someone’s attention to resources and other valuable information? Do I need someone to sign up for a newsletter or a consultation? Or is it serving as an online brochure to introduce my business to the world?
  • Who am I targeting? If you could picture your perfect customer/client/audience and who that person is, you can make a website that attracts them along with others too. The answer “oh everybody and anybody is fine,” simply doesn’t cut it. Nike doesn’t sell to “everybody,” and neither does WholeFoods, Outdoor World or BMW. The more information you can give on who you’re targeting, the better chance for a creative agency to deliver a site that gets you the results you’re looking for.
  • Who is my competition? You should know this up front. Who else is doing what I’m doing. Knowing your competition is a key way to gain a competitive advantage over them, and to make sure you separate yourself from the rest in a way that is both professional as well as engaging.
  • What information needs to appear on my website? Sometimes the final content of a website isn’t developed until a sitemap is delivered or an initial conversation is had. That being said, you would be surprised how many website projects are thrown off schedule and even miss their target launch date by a long shot because basic information is available or put together before hand. You should already know your purpose, mission statement, service/product information, and other basic details about your company. If you’re having a trouble writing them, hire a copywriter.
  • What am I responsible for with my website? Believe it or not, websites are kind of like a dance and it takes two to tango. The creative agency is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying your website to a live server. But unless otherwise specified, you may be responsible for professional content/copy, photography, having a key-point of contact for decision making, and responding to questions within a timely manner.

jesswatsonJWatson Creative is a full service graphic design and marketing firm built upon a strong foundation of delivering high quality creative work that will produce results for our clients. Through effective planning and establishing a comprehensive strategy, we can execute a results-driven, integrated, consistent message or brand through multiple mediums. We develop innovative solutions that are right for your business.


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