Matchmaking Entrepreneur: Q&A with Susan Trombetti of Exclusive Matchmaking

image001 (1)When Susan Trombetti found herself  stuck in a job where she felt chained to her desk, she decided it was time for a change. The perfect business idea popped into her head when she would constantly provide love and relationship advice to women (mainly one friend with “dating issues”). Her love of people and knack for giving advice lead to the creation of Exclusive Matchmaking.

MyCity4Her caught up with Susan and she shared more information about her businesses, being a successful woman entrepreneur and more. Read on for her full interview!

What prompted you to begin a matchmaking business?

I had another business where I never saw anyone but my employees and was a slave to my business–basically, I was chained to my desk. I am a people person and wanted a business working with people I would enjoy. I feel excited meeting and spending time with lots of different people, so it was a perfect fit. Also, I spent a lot of time giving advice to women on their dating life and just seemed like it was a natural step to take. One woman friend made me so nuts with all her dating issues, I decided to start charging for it and matching people.

What solution do you provide and how is your service unique?

I provide singles a unique, personal approach to meeting their significant other through matchmaking. My matchmaking business is different than others in that I support and sponsor a lot of charitable causes in the community.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to your work?

Happiness and love.

What gets you excited every day?

The life I share with my husband.

Do you feel the matchmaking industry is a growth industry?

Absolutely. Even with the economy tanking, the love business booms. The more the economy tanked, the more people turned to their personal relationships for happiness and love.

Who is your ideal client?

Upscale men, in their mid-thirties to sixties, with a solid career. They probably spend too much time working. Usually, they are nice guys that just can’t leave the office long enough to search for someone special.

What do you feel are some misconceptions about matchmaking?

I think people think it is like it’s on television with Patti Stanger… people envision cool cocktail parties with a bunch of pretty girls vying for a guy’s attention, hoping he picks her. In reality, it is more than social events. Reality tv is never really reality. I do not do “cattle calls,” so finding a good client can be tough. My business is exclusive, yet most people think if they fill out a form to become a free member, they will be set up on dates. Nothing is free or it wouldn’t be exclusive (chuckles). My business is not…it is highly selective.

If you knew then – what you know now – what might have you done differently (if anything) when starting your business?

I wouldn’t have thrown a lot of my events and made them free to the public prior to networking and meeting a lot of singles.

What do you enjoy best about being an entrepreneur?

My company is only limited by my beliefs and actions. I can control my own destiny and am not tethered to someone else’s vision.

What do you enjoy least?

I hate the fact that you never get a break and wear so many hats. When I first became self-employed, it was like being a new mother. You become so involved that you lose yourself in the business. I did that in my first business and won’t do that again.

Before you started your company – did you know a lot about this industry?

Nothing at all except my own experiences finding love as a single woman.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a small business owner?

I think, for me, figuring out the business while trying to attract clients was initially very challenging. Building a solid reputation is also important yet challenging. Even though I owned another very successful business, this business was totally different. I didn’t know the first thing about marketing, websites, etc. When you told me to make sure my website was open source, that was some of the best advice I ever had.

What are your industry insider tips for successfully dating and finding love for today’s busy, and accomplished business woman?

1) I think my biggest tip would have to be get out of the office and make time for love before it becomes a problem later on. More and more women today look up from their laptop in a panic realizing they put everything into work, now they’re successful and isn’t fulfilling. They realize they are lonely and want a husband and family.

2) Make sure you get out of your house. Do not even have coffee at your house. Go out, go out , go out. That means no takeout food, or food delivery, or lunch at your desk.

3) When you go out, each and every time, make sure you look your best or have the right amount of “sexy” going on. The way we look affects our confidence. Be ready to flirt and feel your best any time of the day from the moment you step out of your house in the morning. Available men are passing you by, and may not notice you if you are wearing a ball cap and sweats.

4) Also, hire a matchmaker! Let them bring the available, successful guys your way. As a matchmaker, we meet a lot of men (and know more quality men than most). It’s our job to know who is single, available, and a catch!

When you’re not working how do you like to spend your time?

Goodness, not working (smiles). I am not sure that is possible. I am such a workaholic but actually had a coach help me with that one. I love, love, love to spend time with my husband hanging out on the water, traveling, and laughing. Of course, I enjoy our children and nieces and nephews. I am really enjoying this time in my life. I haven’t been married too long myself, so my husband and I like to have fun together.

Where can people find out more about you?

They can visit, can attend my bootcamps, or stop by events and parties that I sponsor. For example, I am the presenting sponsor for Baltimore Magazine’s top singles event this year. I sponsor many charity events, so you can generally find me out and about at charitable causes and fundraisers around town. I also have client packages that explain more about my areas of expertise and credentials.

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