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This coming Wednesday, June 18th, we have an extra special event happening for MOMS! We are calling all moms: stay-at-home rockstar moms, working rockstar moms (and our favorite dads too—grab a sitter for this one!)  Moms need a night out…a break from the routine! And we’ve got it… a night of empowerment, comedy, and FUN to get you out in your high heels and lipstick!


Before we have fun, as we all know, we need to talk business. Here’s the skinny:


It’s election time, ladies, and we ALL need to be involved. Connie Dejuliis, a mom of 3, former member of the House of Delegates, and fearless fighter for middle-class families is running for a Senate seat to represent our great state of Maryland. She has organized several successful grassroots campaigns to fight drug trafficking, fought the state’s plans to dump sludge on unspoiled land, and won a seat in the House of Delegates. She became a leader on issues such as healthcare, choice, and domestic violence. Connie has since started her own consulting company, providing government and public affairs services for working families and teachers. She is a rockstar mom and we want to show her our support!


Connie’s platform is to GET OUT AND VOTE! We have a voice and we need to use it! It’s up to us to educate ourselves on who’s running and use our constitutional right to stand up for what we believe in, what issues matter to us the most, and VOTE! We can’t complain about what’s happening if we don’t use our voices, right?! So, come out and hear what this amazing woman, a pioneer for MOMS, has to say and, STAND UP, SPEAK UP about what is important to YOU! #ConnieSaysVote!


Now you been moved and inspired by Connie’s story! As if meeting and hearing her speak isn’t awesome enough, MyCity4HER has some special entertainment lined up! We did promise you a FUN night, right? We are so excited that Meshelle, aka “The Indie Mom of Comedy”, is going to perform for us! Innovative, independent, and individual are the best word to describe Meshelle, “The Indie Mom of Comedy”. Meshelle is a wife, mother, and much sought after comedienne whose appearances include: Nickelodeon’s Search for the Funniest Mom in America 3, (hosted by Rosanne Barr), Martin Lawrence Presents: “1st Amendment Stand Up” (STARz), “The Blacklist: 20 Most Notable and Notorious Moments of 2009” and much more. In addition to being hilarious, Meshelle is also an activist for women. She will implement Goal Digger; The Sankofa Project, introducing 15 African-American girls from Baltimore City; to the study of their ancestry, heritage and lineage utilizing Anthropology, technology and DNA testing with a culminating voyage to Ghana, West Africa. Funny, smart, and making a difference- this is a woman you want to see!


This is sure to be an amazing night out for MOMS! Tickets are $20, which includes your first drink, hearing from Connie Dejuliis, seeing Meshelle perform, mingling with Baltimore’s finest MOMS, and giving you back a little sanity with an incredible, much-earned night out! And, you’re not only going to be having a blast, your attendance is doing some good, as well. $10 from each ticket sold will go to the House of Ruth, one of the nation’s leading intimate partner violence centers, helping thousands of battered women and their children find safety and security that most of us take for granted. So, come out, be empowered, speak up, laugh and do some good! All in a night out for rock star MOMS.


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