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Preparing For The Holidays: Dealing with House Guests

If you have family or friends that live out of town, you will either have house guests or being a house guest.  The key to smooth sailing with house guests, or as one, is preparation.

If you are having house guests:

  • Find out if they have any food allergies or dietary restrictions
  • Find out about and stock up on their favorites, especially morning favorites, like: coffee with cream, tea, bagels, etc.
  • Fully stock your guest room with towels, wash clothes, extra pillows and blankets.
  • Fully stock your guest bath or provide a little ‘bath basket’ if they are sharing a bath with you including: travel size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap, disposable razors & and an extra toothbrush. With travel restrictions on toiletries in carry-on bags, many travelers are packing less.

If you are the house guest:

  • Let your hosts know, in advance, if you have any food allergies or special requirements.  Allergies to wool and feathers are common, but could cause problems in your sleeping arrangements if they are part of the bedding.
  • Let your hosts know of any scheduling needs that could affect their planning.  For example, you toddler takes a nap from 1-3pm every day.
  • Try to be flexible and tidy. House guests who clean up after themselves and ‘go with the flow’ are more often invited back!

Most importantly, remember that it is the holidays and being with family and friends is a gift.  Enjoy your family and friends!

By: Tara Donohue Rudo

Tara Donohue Rudo launched No More Piles in 2002 to help Baltimore’s busy families and small business owners get more organized so they could reduce their stress, save money and have more time for the things they really care about. Tara is one of only 350 Certified Professional Organizers in the world and a Certified Family Manager Coach. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and NAPO’s Golden Circle.

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