Protecting Small Businesses and the Jobs They Create

By U.S. Senator Barbara A. Mikulski


The foundation of America’s economic strength is its small businesses. They create more than half of the jobs in the United States. Today’s tough economic climate is tough on our small businesses. That’s why one of my top priorities is to keep fighting for the Small Business Jobs Act.
The Small Business Jobs Act will help small businesses weather the economic storm. At a time when even those with good credit get turned away by banks, this bill promotes lending – so business owners can borrow the cash they need. The Small Business Jobs Act will also cut taxes for small businesses and those who invest in them. It will grow small business exports and create more jobs.

This legislation will also level the playing field in federal contracting. By closing loopholes and holding big firms accountable, we can ensure that small businesses can all compete on a level playing field.

I know how important small businesses are to owners, communities and the economy. My great-grandparents owned a local bakery and my father ran a grocery store. I learned how small businesses help weave social fabric – by hiring local workers, providing the services a community needs and lending a helping hand to neighbors.

We know that small businesses fuel the economic engine that will lead America’s economy to a full recovery. A growing number of small businesses are created and owned by women and minorities. So, as we approach Labor Day, all of us must renew our focus on protecting small businesses by making sure all small business owners have access to credit, a fair shake at landing government contracts, and tax incentives to help keep the doors open and the payroll paid.

I will continue to fight for small businesses and the jobs they support. Passing the Small Business Jobs Act will finally put emphasis where it matters – creating jobs on Main Street.

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