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Q&A 4Her – Wesley Thompson of Simply Wesley

Wesley Thompson, woman entrepreneur and owner of Simply Wesley, is a successful interior designer based in Annapolis, Maryland. She says as a business owner, there are some sleepless nights and she’s sometimes surprised by how much time is spent on things other than designing but she wouldn’t change a thing.

We had the chance to catch up with Wesley and learn more about her business, the best advice she’s ever given and more. Read her full Q&A 4Her interview below!

Did you ever imagine yourself achieving what you have?

Yes, I have always been goal-oriented and envisioned myself being financially successful while remaining passionate about my career. I feel blessed every day and my journey continues to get better and better. Many business owners would agree that there are some sleepless nights but working smart, outstanding customer service and faith continues to make me successful.

What in hindsight would you say you underestimated about your industry or business and why?

In hindsight, I would say I underestimated the amount of time spent doing things other than design in my business. Many hours are spent pricing, creating orders, expediting, tracking damaged goods, and countless paperwork. I love and look forward to those days where I get lost using my creative mind.

What is the best business related advice you have ever given?

The best design advice I have ever given is not to mix plaids and stripes. No seriously, over and over I tell homeowners to involve their interior designers earlier in the process. The collaboration between an architect, interior designer and various contractors leads to the best designs.

What do you love most about what you do and why?

I love the relationships that I develop with my clients and their families. The trusting relationships lead to open communication. Being a good designer is not about impressing your own style on someone else. It is about listening to their likes, dislikes and way of life to create the best design for the individual client.

What if you knew then what you know now – would you do differently and why?

I would not do anything differently. Each lesson has been important and led me to where I am now.

When you’re not working how do you like to spend your time?

I love to spend time with my family and friends, exercise, and cook when I am not working. My creative mind is always busy though, even on my long runs or rides.

How do you define success?

Success is balancing those things that are important in your life, nurturing your relationships, remaining grateful and growing in self and business.

If you had to share one final thought with our audience of thousands of women in business – what would it be?

My advice….GO FOR IT! Do not look at the big picture or you will scare yourself off. Create manageable goals and years down the road you will shake your head in disbelief at what you have learned and accomplished.

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