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Restaurant Start Up advice with Radhika Sule

The Verandah in HampdenRadhika Sule didn’t start out wanting to be a restaurant owner, rather she wanted to be an architect. Meeting her husband at Morgan State University and having children set her on a path to provide some of the city’s most delicious Indian Street Food at her restaurant The Verandah in Hampden.

We recently featured Radhika and #HERstory, to read that interview, click here.

When we caught up with her, one of the things we wanted to focus on especially, was her advice for restaurant start ups. Many people view restaurant ownership as the ideal path for them to entrepreneurship. Like anything it’s not without it’s challenges and pitfalls. Here’s what she shared and below you will find more resources to help you actualize your dining business dream.

Four things any future restaurant owner should consider according to Radhika Sule

#1 Always trust your instincts. Don’t get too caught up in all the advice, even mine. There is no one, or singular way to do things and each situation is unique or different.

#2 The restaurant business doesn’t have to be stressful contrary to the common perception. Decide your own pace and what works for you, be creative. It should always be about having fun.

#3 Be honest towards the food. Approach what you serve with honesty. Food doesn’t lie and intentions come right through.

#4  Respect and value your employees. They are all team players and your co workers. As a boss, aim to be a friend and mentor. If they love where they work, your job is half done.


Additional Restaurant Start up Resources

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Baltimore City Restaurant Business Guide – Baltimore City Government

Restaurant and Catering Start Up Checklist – Canadian Government (Canada specific in details but a good list to work regardless of location)


About Radhika Sule

Radhika Sule, is a mother and business owner who is based in Baltimore, Maryland. She grew up in Mumbai, India and came to the US in 2000 forRadihka Sule Owner of the Veranda graduate studies in architecture at Morgan State University.  While here, she met her future husband, an architect himself who is also from Mumbai.  After marriage, they decided to stay on and build a life locally.

After 7 years of architectural practice Radhika took a sabbatical to raise her young children. While doing so, she found herself craving the Indian street food of her country. By a turn of events she started her food business by selling healthy and prepared Indian street foods in local farmers markets. As the business grew, so did the need to move to an actual location. In in 2011 the right opportunity presented itself in Hampden. Since then, you can find Radhika and her restaurant, the Verandah on 36th Street. To find out more about her business, please click here, or find it on Facebook.


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