Smart CEO Honors 2014 Brava! Award Winners

The Brava! Award recognizes women who “make a living for themselves and make a difference in the lives of those around them. From their employees to their communities, these women have made it a priority to give back.” This year’s winners have demonstrated fearlessness in their industry and persevered through adversity, all the while remaining leaders in their communities. By honoring these strong and entrepreneurial-spirited women, Smart CEO hopes to inspire others to “lead with great vision and with a larger purpose in mind.”

We’d like to highlight two of our subscribers, Jenette Young and Diana Toruella Gaines.

Jenette Young
Jenette Young (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Jenette Young
Owner and President of ComForcare Home Care Services

While facing her husband’s job insecurity, Jenette Young left behind a 30-year career in the food industry to found ComForcare Home Care Services in 2009. The company has experienced steadily increasing revenue each year; last year saw a 56% increase. ComForcare provides in-home care to hundreds of customers in the Baltimore area. Young personally gives back to the community by being a leader in her church and youth singing group.

Diana T. Gaines
Diana T. Gaines (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Diana Torruella Gaines
Managing Member of Tu Casa Development Group, LLC

A stay-at-home mom looking for change, Diana T. Gaines and her company have acquired and transformed vacant buildings into to luxury homes. Although she faces difficulty raising capital for new projects, Gaines works toward her goal of refurbishing Baltimore vacancies. Along with beautifying the city, she served as a co-chair of the housing committee on the Mayor’s initiative to bring new families to the area, focusing on providing affordable housing for the new families.

For the full edition of Baltimore SmartCEO’s July/August edition, click here.


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