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Startups.Co Launches Funding 101: Educational Resource for Entrepreneurs


If your new year’s resolution is to start a new company or grow your existing one, you may be looking for funding. This daunting process can make your head spin but, the world’s largest network of business investors, has made things a little easier with the recent launch of their educational resource called Funding 101.

“The truth is that fundraising is hard. Most people try and fail, no matter how great their preparation, their perseverance, or their idea,” Wil Schroter, developer of Funding 101 and Startups.Co Co-founder and CEO, said in a statement. “That’s because there are far more people looking for capital than there are people writing checks, and therefore an entrepreneur needs to do everything possible to ensure they can successfully fundraise. Funding 101 is our effort to give every entrepreneur resources to educate themselves on the funding process and the options that are available.”

On the Funding 101 website, you’ll learn all about the different stages of funding, the different funding options available, how to find investors, how to prepare to pitch investors and more. It’s all broken down into an easy-to-follow format of topics under the categories “Prep,” “Match,” and “Pitch.” is the sister company of is a crowd-funding website that’s helped several woman entrepreneurs and woman-owned companies achieve their funding goals to launch and expand their businesses.

In related news, MyCity4Her Radio will be exploring one of the funding options available to companies, the SBA loan, in a two-part series with Howard Bank‘s Rosa Scharf. The first part will take place on January 15, 2013 with the second part on January 29, 2013.

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