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More for HER


Women’s Health: Clearing the Path to Happiness

By: Joy Twesigye MS, NP, Women’s Health Editor * Happiness is important. So important, that the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) created the Better Life Index, a neat interactive tool that allows you to compare countries across 11…

Q&A 4Her – Elizabeth Jeffer

After an extensive career in fashion and being exposed to many innovative designers, Elizabeth developed the idea for roztayger as a way to offer products known for their design and superb quality in one online location.


Dealing with Bossy Co-Workers

You have read article after article about how to deal with a difficult boss or how to deal with difficult people. How about dealing with Bossy Co-workers? How do you know you have a bossy co-worker? Let’s see the criteria. He is domineering, gives himself an “invisible promotion” and acts as if he’s your boss. He’s constantly telling you what to do and giving you feedback on how you can improve. In short, he drives you crazy with his bossiness.


Honesty? Honestly!

Billy Joel might have been writing a love song when he penned the lyrics to his song Honesty – but the chorus could have been about a Boss