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Smart CEO Honors 2014 Brava! Award Winners

The Brava! Award recognizes women who “make a living for themselves and make a difference in the lives of those around them. From their employees to their communities, these women have made it a priority to give back.” This year’s…

Why Your Bio Won’t Sell You

We all do it. We shine up those bios and resumes with hard-earned credentials we hope will sell our expertise and attract people flocking to us for our services. Things like our degrees, certifications, selected professional experiences, awards and publications are our “professional insurance” to prevent business scarcity—or so we think.

Trends Report 2012: What’s Your Value?

Leading brands are increasingly making a shift from touting features and benefits to demonstrating the deeper value of their products, services and company as a whole – especially through customer experience. This means that messages about exceptional products/service, quality and price are no longer enough.