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FUNDING & FINANCE related info and knowledge for women in business

SBA Lending – Part 1 – 101

Listen as SBA Lending expert Rosa Scharf of Howard Bank demystifies the SBA lending program and explains how you can use an SBA loan in multiple ways to benefit and grow your business. Learn what the different programs are, and how you can go about using this funding mechanism to grow your business.

SBA Lending – Part 2 – 102

Once again SBA Lending expert Rosa Scharf  of  Howard Bank delves into SBA lending covering more sophisticated aspects of the lending program such as eligibility, collateral, fees, processing procedures and more. Understand better loan document preparation, criteria and other more sophisticated aspects of this funding mechanism that can help you grow your business.

MARKETING – related info & knowledge for women in business

Content Marketing 101 

One of the major trends in small business marketing is positioning as an expert.  Content Marketing expert Thursday Bram shares the nuances and how to’s that can help your business be found online through an effective content marketing strategy and plan.

PRODUCTIVITY – TIME MANAGEMENT info & knowledge for women in business

How to Drive your Work Day More Productively

Listen is as Productivity expert  Leslie Shreve  shares practical how to’s about how to be more productive. Topics covered include: blocking and protecting your time, tackling email overload, easier prioritization. To learn more about Leslie Shreve – visit her web site –