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The Rebranding Challenge: What’s a Smart, Involved In-House Marketer to Do?

By Affiliate Ida Cheinman, Owner of Substance151

Navigating your firm through a rebrand can be both a career high point and a monumental challenge. The role you play will make an equally monumental difference in your credibility. In-house marketers need to take charge from start to finish – and beyond. Here’s how:

  • Focus Big: Rebranding is not about cosmetic changes – it’s about defining and articulating your company’s story. Be remembered as the one who shaped the future of the company rather than the one who talked for hours about logo colors.
  • Outsource Expertise: It’s rare that a firm has all-encompassing in-house brand expertise and resources – call on an outside expert.
  • Do Diligent Legwork: Get key stakeholder buy-in, write an RFP that clearly communicates your needs, define the budget and pre-plan your rollout. These actions will ensure a smooth road to success.
  • Manage Mindsets: Instill a positive perception and convey a sense of importance about the rebrand throughout your organization. Also, make sure your outside branding firm is committed to making you shine.
  • Launch Out Loud: Dropping new business cards on everyone’s desks and calling that a brand launch shows you’ve watched too much of The Office. Instead, use the launch to get everyone involved – staff, past clients, media, prospects and potential employees.
  • Never Loosen Your Grip: After launching, shift your role to that of brand steward. It’s now your job to keep the brand consistent and alive. Get graphic guidelines, prepare to address why “adjustments” are not permissible and incorporate your new brand into your firm’s operations and its every action.

Substance151 has masterminded countless rebrands for organizations. We take our role as your outside branding expert seriously and are committed to making you shine. Whether you are a client or not, we are happy to answer your questions as you embark on one of the most inspiring and challenging journeys in the marketing realm. Give us a call at 410-732-8379 or email Ida.


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