MyCity4Her Media was founded to give women in business, women business owners and women entrepreneurs a place to showcase their stories, their challenges, their knowledge and their experience and subject matter expertise. We began on the web, with our flagship internet publication –, however, we realised in order to remain relevant and reach our audience through a variety of channels, after we tackled print we turned to radio and subsequently video. Our founder has been involved wth television media since the ripe old age of 14 when she was formally trained in commercial production as a child model and actor. That training didn’t go to waste and has served throughout her over 25 year career in communications where she has done everything from be a frequent tv guest and spokesmodel, to television segment producer and host.

Hence MyCity4Her TV

MyCity4Her TV was created to give women in business, and interested members of our video audience a place where they could go to learn about business related topics, stories and individuals of particular interest or relevance to women in business. Given videos increased ubiquity and synergy with everything internet it was only a matter of time before the MyCity4Her Media reach would extend to include compelling and meaningful video content.

MyCity4Her TV is produced with a definite focus and commitment to inform, inspire and empower women in business to be the best they can be, be better informed and as successful as they dream to be.

Shows feature a range of topics but focus primarily on providing access in an engaging and entertaining format to:

  • Industry and subject matter expertise contributed by recognized regional authorities and professionals
  • Information, visibility and resources of particular interest and value to women in business whether they are business owners or executives
  • Features of successful women in business and corporate leaders who are innovative, motivated, successful and not the usual suspects

We have two core show concepts:

Today’s BusinessWoman
Which focuses on a broad range of topics related to women in business, women entrepreneurs, information and resources of use to all members of our audience. The Today’s BusinessWoman show is designed to have an informed, savvy discussion about a range of topics and bring value to any audience member, regardless of geographical location, or professional position. The shows are produced with the intention to delve into a given subject matter and provide takeaways that any listenner may be inspired by and gain takeaways from. Most shows are filmed in studio and are designed to have a “talk show” feel.

The Women in Business Review – Local Editions
The Women in Business Review is designed to be a round up of the latest and greatest, most interesting and relevant local, and regional:

  • News
  • Events recaps and advisories
  • Women in business success stories

These shows are fast paced and cover a broad range of subjects related to regionally specific issues, news and information. The filming is done on location and purposefully designed to have more of a spur of the moment and less edited, on location type feel.

To view to past shows see below:

For information about how to be considered as a future guest or contributor please call our offices at: 410-769-6450.

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