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More for HER


Women Spanning the Globe 2018 – Wednesday June 6, 2018 – The Visionary Art Museum


The 2018 Women Spanning the Globe event will take place on Wednesday June 6, 2018 at the Visionary Art Museum.

This annual event gathers hundreds of dynamic professional women, many whom are in Executive leadership positions in larger enterprise corporations to participate in an inspiring, informative and forward thinking day long conference/event to celebrate women professionals and focus on how to make meaningful progress in their careers and their lives.


8:15 Doors open
9:00 Conference Opens
3:30 Conference End
3:30-5:00 Happy hour, optional Museum Tour, and Salsa Dance Lessons with Sentimiento Dance Company


  • Leadership Strategies – Across Gender, Generation, and Culture
    What are the obstacles and “mindsets” that prevent effective and fluid professional relationships?  What are the generational expectations that need to be met? How can women speak more effectively to their male counterparts and reports?  These are only a few of the questions that will be answered during this leadership development segment. You will also gain insights from Stacy Shamberger, Executive Vice President at Skyline G, on statistics and best practices for optimizing professional leadership styles, that will impact across culture, gender, and generations.
  • Women Lifting Up Women
    This session will be a multi-generational discussion with a focus on mentoring and supporting women –professionally and personally. We will gain insights on what are the challenges and opportunities as well as transformational moments for creating a culture that provides women with a voice and opportunity for advancement.
  • Preparing Women for Board Positions
    Female Board members are good for Business. The business case for women’s representation on corporate boards is clear and well-documented, but the reality is that women are still severely under-represented. During this session, we will gain insights on what can we do to propel more women to take seats on boards to improve career opportunity for women as well as achieve greater financial performance and produce a more equitable culture within companies.
  • Women Leading Change – Bossy: A Badge of Honor
    When Pamela Paulk was 12 years old, her sixth-grade teacher chastised her for being “too bossy.” Pamela wasn’t deterred. Today, she is president of Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the global ambassador of Johns Hopkins Medicine and a leader in international collaborative health. Too often women are criticized for asserting self-confidence, commanding respect and taking risks. Pamela will share ways to shift the norms that stifle women’s contributions as professionals and as leaders.
  • The Art of NegotiationA Woman’s Perspective. Mexico, NAFTA and More.
    Kathleen Flanagan will lead a discussion with Karen Antebi who serves as Economic Counselor for the Trade and NAFTA Office at the Embassy of Mexico in Washington, D.C. Karen leads Mexico’s trade advocacy and communication strategies with the U.S. Congress, Administration, and the private sector. Karen will share insights from her 25 years of experience as a woman in the highest levels of government – and as a diplomat and global advocate for international trade, investment and data issues.
  • Men in the Midst of the Gender Equality Movement
    This panel is represented by men who lead organizations that are doing the “Right Things Right”. Through this panel, led by Marc Pritchard, CMO at Procter & Gamble, we will provide perspective from men at organizations that embrace gender equality, diversity and inclusion. They will share what their organization is doing to promote gender equality, what are their personal experiences in the movement, and what still needs to be done to ensure gender equality.



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