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Women’s Sexuality – Light at the End of the Tunnel – By Denise Buchman

Denise Buchman
Author Denise Buchman

Denise Buchman is a mother, business owner, coach, and Desire Map Facilitator. She authored this article on women’s sexuality last year in June 2014 but was kind enough to allow us to republish it. Sexuality is a core part of overall health, her thoughts explore the subject and its importance further.

June 30, 2014 is a day many women will remember in the future of our lives and history.

Again women’s health issues are on the chopping block in church and state.  This is not a political rant; I am very discouraged that in 2014, women are being treated like second class citizens under men simply because of our biology.  We are women and we have the right to be proud.  We can produce human life if we choose and we have complex organs that constantly change each decade, thanks to our hormones!

It amazes me that there are currently 26 FDA approved medications for men for one issue, erectile dysfunction.  In fact, just this year in April, the FDA approved the 26th medication. As for women, there are 0 FDA approved medications for various issues that are related to sexual dysfunction both physical and emotional.   This is NOT for lack of trying by many biochemical laboratories, leading researchers and the medical community devoted to helping women live vibrant, healthy and pain free lives as they journey into midlife and beyond.

43% of post menopausal women report some type of discomfort in peri and post menopause. Statistics are reporting women are living longer than men, so why is this standard still status quo regarding women’s health?  Last week I wrote, “Get Disturbed”, I had no idea this week I would be!   As a woman, I know vaginal discomfort affects the mind, body and soul.  Yes we are complex emotional creatures and I am going to say it again, it’s time to GET DISTURBED!

I applaud the co-founders, Andrew M. London, M.D and Leonard R. Derogatis, Ph.D., of The Maryland Center for Sexual Health (MCSH) in Lutherville, Maryland, who have been pioneers in the field of women’s sexual health.  In the United States, clinical trials and studies are the only method a drug can be approved by the FDA.  It is a long process and as I shared earlier, hundreds of studies have shown positive results but the FDA continues to disapprove medications for women.  Currently MCSH along with several studies being conducted across the United States and Canada, are reporting positive benefits from the use of supplementary Dehydroepiandrosterone, more commonly known as DHEA.  DHEA, a metabolic intermediate in the production of androgen and estrogen, is naturally produced in the adrenal glands. For women, the DHEA level peaks at age 25.  As women continue to age the adrenal glands produce less DHEA and by the age of 70 one can have up to 80 percent less natural DHEA in their bodies.

What a game changer this will be for women as they enter the most vibrant years of mature life and no longer have to do it with dryness, pain, discomfort or lack of sex drive.  EndoCeutics, has formulated a DHEA suppository which is hopeful to be the first approved by the FDA.  With continued dedication by the medical community as “architects of change” for women’s sexual health, I am hopeful women will be recognized and given the stamp of approval by the FDA.

The study shows that women using a suppository 2-3 times a week at bedtime are having very active sex lives and living without any vaginal discomfort. In fact, many of the women feel their sex lives have been “restored.”  Talking with Martina Miller, MS, Clinical Research Coordinator at MCSH in Lutherville, Maryland, I am excited by the results, in fact, after the study concludes, over a 12 week period, women are reporting they do not want to stop!

Sex After 50 Does Come with Benefits!

  • Sex burns about 200 calories of active sex for 30 minutes
  • Having sex 3 times a week can make you look and feel 10 years younger
  • Sex releases endorphins into the bloodstream producing a sense of euphoria that can reduce depression and boost self esteem, confidence and positive spirit
  • Sex is a stress reliever. It is 10 times more effective than certain anti-anxiety medicines
  • Sex can relieve headaches by releasing tension in the brain that restricts blood vessels
  • Sex is helps with circulation and lubrication
  • Sex can lower your cholesterol by tipping/balancing the HDL/LSL (good kind/bad kind)
  • Regular sex can boost estrogen levels. Estrogen keeps your hair shinny and skin smooth; helps reduce the chances of getting dermatitis, and rashes – yes even after 50!
  • The actual sex act triggers the release of oxytocin that promotes more good feelings.
  • Sex can help you sleep better because the levels of oxytocin, a sleep-inducing hormone, can be five times higher than normal during love making – sleep is our recovery!

Be a part of the change for women, for yourself or a friend.  MCHS is currently looking for women, between the ages of 40 and 80, with any type of vaginal discomfort and willing to participate in a 12 week clinical trial with financial compensation. To learn more and stay up to date on topics, trends and studies Click Here.


Today I was profoundly aware of the women who stood before me; women who challenged the status quo and created change. If they had not, my life would have been very different today. I want better for my daughter, her children and all women. They are my sisters.  Change is constant and so are our bodies. Women are emotional, beautiful and strong creatures. I am proud to be woman and there is no reason why we all can’t feel fabulous at 50 and beyond!

To learn more about Denise Buchman visit her web site: www.denisebuchman.com 

To learn more about the Maryland Center For Sexual Health click here.


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