BBJ Women’s Summit 2012 – Recap

BBJWomensSummit3Approximately 200 women attended last week’s BBJ Women’s Summit in Columbia, MD. The crowd was largely comprised of female executives and professionals with a few business owners sprinkled in for good measure. The event featured an exhibitor area with over 20 vendors, and a breakfast as well as talks by sponsors  Michelle Shermak, MD & Plastic Surgeon, Veronica Cool, VP & Principal Banker with Wells Fargo and Lynne Brick of Brick Bodies & Lynne Brick’s Women’s Health & Fitness.

A full breakfast was served, however the timing of the featured key note on plastic surgery was questioned by a few in attendance. Nevertheless Dr. Shermak was engaging, and knowledgeable about a subject matter that is delicate, and has most women (even if they won’t admit it) very curious.

Veronica Cool’s presentation definitely got the crowd fired up, Ms. Cool who is also the Chairwoman of the Maryland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has become a highly in demand speaker due to her candor, excellent advice and popularity with audiences. Her presentation was met with overwhelming applause and a standing ovation. The key points of her talk were:

“Make it a point to find someone that is successful but UNLIKE you completely – that is a SPONSOR, and different from a mentor – you need both.”

“Watch your girlfriends – not all are your sponsors, mentors, allies…”

“Be strategic – leverage knowledge and expertise and do your research!”

“Remember to show others off and the karma comes back , when you show other people off, open doors for others, celebrate one another good things happen do all the this and all the while  don’t be afraid of selling your skills and talking up your own value.”

“When it comes to networking be intent full, be strategic, and encouraged people to get on Linked In”

“Carve your niche – Create your opportunity!”

Marie Hartman of Hartman Business Advisors & Subscriber Content Mc Laughlin of Mc Laughlin Law Group
MyCity4Her’s Monyka Berrocosa with Marie Hartman of Hartman Business Advisors & Subscriber Content McLaughlin of McLaughlin Law Group

Ms. Cool was followed by none other than power house, super successful and incredibly fit and healthy Lynne Brick – President and C0-Founder of Brick Bodies Fitness Services which counts 22 clubs including the signature Brick Bodies Brand, Lynne Brick’s Women’s Health & Fitness and Planet Fitness.

Lynne shared the following with the audience…

“Even just a little exercise can increase your oxygen capacity by 30%” – After telling the crowd that – Lynne got all attendees engaged in a chain of massage – really. Lynne is well known for her ability to “get people moving” whatever the context of her speaking engagement. This crowd of professional women was no exception – which made her a particularly well suited “Stretch Sponsor” as by that time, most of the attendees were ready to move.

Lynne shared Julie Steinbergs 9 rules to climb the corp ladder as listed in Forbes which were:

  • Work hard
  • Do work no one else wants to do
  • Cultivate the people in charge – seek out coaching relations
  • Know what you want and go for it
  • Promote yourself legitimately
  • Network with your peers
  • Make your own career path
  • Think it dream it own it
  • You sometimes have to leave to get ahead
  • Dress well & play golf (adding her own reservations about the golf but saying it is good food for thought nevertheless)

The event ended approximately by 11:30 and all in all was a pleasant and positive way to spend a weekday morning making some networking connections and learning some valuable insights about things of particular value to women. The BBJ extended a great subscription special in conjunction with the event…which was an added draw for attendance. The BBJ publishes its influential “Book of Lists” in December annually and is increasingly bundling event attendance with subscriptions to provide added value to its audience and subscribers. For more information about BBJ events or subscriptions click here.

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