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A Pioneering concept dedicated to helping Women in Business

A Women in Business Community Online and Offline, Mycity4HER.com has been a trusted resource for businesswomen since 2007 providing a wealth of benefits and visibility. MyCity4HER.com exists to connect, inspire, inform, and provide visibility for women to succeed. We offer resources, networking, visibility, information, and knowledge to inspire and help businesswomen, women business owners, co-owners, and female founders, entrepreneurs, and professionals grow.

MyCity4HER.com is the brainchild of a business coach, and serial entrepreneur, Monyka Berrocosa.  When MyCity4HER.com started, there existed very few online (or otherwise) media resources solely dedicated to highlighting and promoting women in business. Today (at this update in 2023), the landscape is filled with groups, media companies, and organizations dedicated to professional women, and female business owners and founders. 

In our heyday, we were operating in 11 markets and proactively grew until 2015. After a major life change (cancer), our Founder decided to scale back the company and focus on other projects and philanthropy. Due to popular demand, we are back publishing since the start of the pandemic in 2020. We are happy to have an active and engaged audience and community Online. Offline, MyCity4HER.com sponsors networking, educational and professional development events ranging from 25 to 400 participants. 

Founder of MyCity4HER.com Monyka Berrocosa - Business Coach & Serial EntrepreneurMyCity4HER is an online resource for women in business, women business owners, co-owners, and female founders and professionals.  We publish information and resources intended to increase knowledge, educate and inspire women in business ranging from executives to solopreneurs and CEOs. Content on the site ranges from expert articles, video interviews and blog posts as well as resources and information designed to help busy women be better informed and more successful.

We were one of the first to pioneer focusing on women in business as a source of valuable knowledge, news, information, and resources online. If you have valuable or interesting news you’d like to share click here to “Submit Your News” for editorial consideration.

Click here to view our NationalAnnapolis  Baltimore, and Delaware resource pages. Information on our site may be national or regional in nature with the goal to always be of service and relevant. 

MyCity4HERcom is where women in business find news, resources, connection and information to inspire and help business women, women business owners, co-owners, entrepreneurs, and founders grow. Connecting, helping, and inspiring businesswomen everywhere since we started 14 years ago, we provide knowledge, visibility, and connections to help you be more successful.

Our mission is to be diverse, inclusive, and inspiring. Our vision is “We’re better together.”

We are very active on social media and have a dynamic email newsletter and growing Women in Business Directory. We moderate networking groups in Baltimore, DC, as well as Annapolis on LinkedIn. We also have a newly formed group on Facebook.

To be considered for a feature article, or added as a resource please call: 443-672-CITY(2489) or click here to contact us, or here to “submit your news“. Someone will be in touch with you very shortly. Thank you for visiting, we’re glad you’re here. Won’t you stay awhile?