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INTERNATIONAL Woman’s Month – 3/8/2014 – 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

International Woman's Day All you need to knowWhether you’re a woman business owner, female CEO, stay at home Mom, female professional or just a woman…International Woman’s Day, coming up on March 8th should be on your radar. International Woman’s Day dates back to 1908 (find out more about the history of IWD by clicking here.)

As the UN puts it, International Women’s Day is “the story of ordinary women as makers of history; it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to participate in society on an equal footing with men”. It was marked internationally for the first time in 1911 when one million women and men attended rallies in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland demanding the right to vote, hold public office, work and have equal pay.


Top 10 IWD and IWM things that should be on your radar

1. International Woman’s Day Web Site – A hub of all things related to International Woman’s Day

2. Search International Women’s Day Events by Country

3. Ten Reasons for Optimism by FORBES this International Woman’s Day – Great article

4. What is International Woman’s Day – Wikipedia

5. The United Nation’s take on International Woman’s Day

6. What is Women’s History Month? – Wikipedia

7. INFOGRAPHIC about progress being made by women

8. March is International Women’s Month – Huffington Post article

9. Why is International Women’s Day and International Women’s Month important – Info Please article

10. How to talk to your daughter, niece, friend, neighbor and more about International Women’s Day and Month – Girl’s Globe

Here’s some of the best videos we found talking about International Women’s Day or Month…

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