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More for HER

Valentine’s Day Love from some of our favorite Maryland Businesses

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We wanted to share the love on behalf of some of our favorite Maryland Based Businesses.

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Entrepreneur subscribers – Health Plan Headquarters offer up this great advice regarding 5 great heart healthy tests you SHOULD be aware of:

Blood Pressure

Once annually, but check monthly on your own at the drugstore, supermarket or mall


Every five years

Fasting / Blood Glucose

Every three years starting at age 45

Ankle-Brachial Index

Once a year to help compare blood pressure between your arms and your feet and measure adequate blood flow

Waist Circumstance

Check once a month to keep an eye on belly fat, and make sure you’re maintaining a healthy waist number to reduce your risk of stroke

To find out more great health information visit Health Plan Headquarters web site – for past articles and more valuable information.

Want to treat your date to a delectable steak dinner? Preferred Provider subscriber  Ruth’s Chris Water Street in Baltimore is opening EARLY in honor of all love birds


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