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Women in Business Directory MyCity4HER.com

  We constantly survey businesswomen to find out what their pain points are. The #1 complaint is visibility and being found. Our SEO Optimized Women in Business  Directory often shows up higher in initial search results than a business’s actual website. Join us and benefit from a FREE, visibile, SEO -Optimized listing and get more visibility through these benefits:

  • Basic Listing in the Women in Business Directory
  • Access to our informative email newsletter
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Premium Directory Image MyCity4HER Women in Business DirectoryVisibility is an important thing when you want to grow your network and increase sales. Our premium Annual Membership provides a wealth of benefits to help position yourself as an industry expert and grow your visibilty through the power of SEO Optimization and a range of things that will help you reach your goals through these benefits:

  • Featured Listing in our Women in Business Directory
  • Access to our informative newsletter and the invitation to include some information space allowing up to 4 times per year
  • Access to our online groups on LinkedIN and Facebook
  • Opportunity to contribute Industry Expert Guest Articles by invitation on our website, and have those promoted to an audience of over 300K throughout all our outlets and channels+
  • Opportunity to be invited to be a featured as a guest on MyCity4HERTV on YouTube
  • Opportunity to be invited to present at a future event on your subject matter expertise
  • 1 Hour of free marketing visibility coaching and support with a recognized expert based on availability
  • Opportunity to attend certain events at a reduced cost, or potentially free – depending on what is planned on the calendar for the  year of your membership.

Join MyCity4HER to increase your visibility, grow your connections and knowledge and be inspired.

Our community is diverse and filled with successful businesswomen just like you. Here is HER place for the woman in business.  We look forward to getting to know  you.

If you have any questions about joining or benefits, feel free to contact us.