Events Coming up for Women in Business

Events coming up for women in business is’s section of curated events we feel today’s businesswoman needs to be aware of. These events range from those we produce, to others we sponsor, as well as those we discover and think you may want to make time for.

What constitutes a great event?
We’ve been doing events for over 15 years ourselves, so we’ve learned to look for a winning recipe that we feel is the base of every successful gathering. This usually means, great people, interesting food and drink, something to learn about, or better the quality of your life, and a chance to create community with like minded people. 

Events we promote are intended to be welcoming, diverse, and open to participation from all kinds of attendees.

Events you will find here are vetted to ensure they fulfill multiple purposes, and will appeal and welcome a wide variety of audiences.  We purposely don’t include much info, unless they are “featured” beyond providing the date, organizer, and URL/Link, so you can discover as much or as little as you want to, about that particular happening.

Events coming up for women in business you don’t want to miss are the following:

April 2022

May 2022