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The state of women on corporate boards in Maryland – 2013 Findings & Recap

cover of Network 2000 Report 2013Tuesday  April 30, 2013 MyCity4Her attended and sponsored Network 2000′s annual release of their influential and highly anticipated annual Census of Women Board Directors in Maryland. The event was held at the Center Club and had a lighter attendance than previous years however the addition of an informative panel led by MaryAnn Scully, Chairman, CEO and President of Howard Bank more than made up for the less than usual number of people in attendance.

As with every year some of the Greater Baltimore region’s most visible, accomplished and influential women in business, women business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs were there including:   Kristen Cavey, Pat Lambert, Darlene Smith, Janine Di Paula Stevens, Jane Brewer, Carol Coughlin, Ellen Fish, Ellen Yankellow,  Marianne Fishler, Lori Villegas, Bob De Almeida, Michelle Bresnick Walsh, Mark Cissell, Tina Corner, Karen McGraw (President and at Tydings & Rosenberg LLP), Bonnie Heneson, Sharon Pinder, Bill Stevens (Mc Quade Consulting), Content Mc Laughlin, Bill Clark, Suzanne Thompson, Monyka Berrocosa & Rosa Scharf of Howard Bank.

Tina Corner Intellectual Innovations MyCity4Her.comThe vivacious Tina Corner, who recently started a new venture called Intellectual Innovations dedicated to helping leaders groom and develop effective “Seconds in Commands” in order to be more effective in executing and managing their visions started the event off with commentary that “set the tone” for the purpose of the event. Encouraging women in leadership, and those who aspire to be to “Lean In” (reference to the popular Sheryl Sandberg book that has everyone talking…)One of the reasons this event is so popular is that not only in addition to presenting the annual report (which has been Chaired  by Ellen Fish, Executive Vice President of CFG Community Bank and former President of Network 2000) but also because every year, Network 2000 recognizes a company in the region that is spotlighted for its commitment to women in leadership.

This year’s 2013 Business 2000 award was presented by non other than Sharon Pinder, the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Women and Minority Owned Business, went to Medifast, the Owings Mills based company that has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding in 1980. Michael MacDonald, the original co-founder of the company passed away in an untimely death and his daugther  “Meg” Margaret MacDonald-Sheetz President & COO  who is 35 is poised in line for succession of leadership, at present her uncle (and the brother of the founder) Michael C. MacDonald is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer.

After the presentation of the award, the panel featuring Andy Bertamini (Wells Fargo), Alan Wilson (Mc Cormick) and Ellen Ward CEO of Techtron Systems began with MaryAnn Scully moderating.

Andy Bertamini , President of Wells Fargo Bank in Maryland spoke about diversity and the fact that as he looks around, in his particular market women make up 55% of his total employee base, there is a certain credibility that comes with women addressing other women. Maryann pressed Bertamini on what is the real motivation behind his being committed to inclusion diversity and inclusion and the President of Wells Fargo in Maryland said ” because  it’s the right thing to do (we are following the example of the company’s leadership) and, its the right thing to do for business – this strategy has really worked well for us.” Clearly making a business and competitive advantage case for empowering women in leadership.

Ellen Ward President & CEO of the Techtron Defense Division,  spoke about how at her company all employwees are measured on multiple metrics. She spoke about need to reflect customer base to be successful, spoke about her desire to stay in MA and what she did to grow her company. “If you hire a bunch of people just like  you are in trouble, diversity gives you that, I want the smartest people in the room advising me. You need to get out and talk to people to learn more, and grow.”
Alan Wilson, CEO and Chairman of Mc Cormick spoke abou the fact that today – companies need to be diverse to grow effectively and secure marke position “you need to “follow the money, and the money means women and diversity. ” Also strongly supporting the business case. Mr Wilson continued “look at the statistics, more women are graduating from college, more women are in leadership positions. it starts at the top, sometimes it’s the visible things and sometimes it’s the questions that you ask that make e difference.”
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