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Q AND A with Patrice Covington of Center Stage’s Lookingglass Alice

Patrice Covington was born in Chesapeake, Virginia. She has been acting professionally for 18 years and is featured in Center Stage’s present production of Lookingglass Alice, through December 31, 2017.

We caught up with the dynamic actress and asked her about her career, life and how she got to this particular ensemble and play.

What about playing The Red Queen was appealing to you?

I admire the fact that this story is ultimately about the Red Queen helping Alice along the journey called life. Teaching her what it takes and truly means to be a queen. Many other stories focus on the queen being a villain and tearing down the “princess”. This is quite the opposite. We all need to recognize and admire the queen in each other a whole lot more.

How do you think the character mimics varying qualities different women exhibit?

She’s helpful but she doesn’t want to give her all the information too easily. She makes the character work for it. She toys with her and her emotions to see if she’s really got what it takes.

What should the audience experience from this production and it’s take on the timeless tale?

The audience should definitely have nostalgia from the old tale but along with a new twist there is a lot that could actually be applied to real life…especially in our current social and political climate.

What did you have to do to get prepared for the role?

Lewis Carol writes in a language that isn’t the norm to most. I had to really break down the long repetitive lines and put them in terms in which I relate to and apply them to my perception.

What are your thoughts about theatre as an art form and how it continues to be relevant today?

Theater is healing, teaches empathy, and changes lives of all ages. Classic pieces and stories are just that; they never get old. They are tales that are always relevant to our ever changing and in some ways not so “changing” historically repetitive society.

What do you do when you can’t get in the right mindset to perform?

Being on stage is actually what helps me focus. I just get out there. It fixes me for the mindset to deal with all that life brings.

When you aren’t acting, or in a production, how do you spend your time?

I created a class called The Galaxy Method teaching the business of show to aspiring performers of all ages. I have traveled all over the country sharing knowledge and encouraging people to be the light, inspire light, and attract the light from the inside out.

Also, I never ever stop auditioning. It is a full time job. When not pursuing more roles, teaching others, or performing, I hang out with the best dog on the planet, Lyric the Cavapoo.

If you had 4 tips to give to anyone looking to get into theatre as a career, what would they be?

  • Do the work!
  • Don’t make excuses!
  • Help people.
  • Be nice.

You’d be surprised how many basic life rules make this difficult career path a whole lot easier.

If you weren’t an actor, what other career would have struck your fancy?

I am too dramatic to not be in this industry. I would still be in it some way. Perhaps a New Anchor, Talk Show Host, or Radio Personality.

What is your favorite food and why?

Right now Kale….because I have goals!

What do you enjoy most about Baltimore?

I have many family members here. It is great to have access and quality time with my family for a change.

What role would you love to have the opportunity to play, but have not yet?

I want to originate a role about someone fabulous. Perhaps a real life legend. Perhaps not. A woman who is MAJOR, sexy, bold, and changes lives for the better.

More about Patrice

Patrice Covington is an Emmy and Grammy Award winner! She has been seen all over the globe with all-star Broadway casts and with her original music. She played the role of Squeak in the Tony and Grammy award winning The Color Purple Revival and co-starred with super stars Jennifer Hudson, Heather Headley and Danielle Brooks. Patrice has also shined in Berry Gordy’s Broadway show Motown The Musical as Martha Reeves. She was a part of the Grammy Award nominated cast of the National Tour ofAin’t Misbahvin’ and has also been seen as Effie in the Broadway National Tour of Dreamgirls and The Book of Mormon. Her dynamic presence has been seen on stages and screens in the Bahamas, Japan, France, Turkey, and Germany and in Switzerland’s SEAT Music Session. Recently, Patrice made history has she was cast as the first African American woman to play the on stage role of Audrey II, The Plant in Little Shop of Horrors in The Fulton Opera House’s production.

In 2017, Patrice launched The Galaxy Method, a class giving inside industry insight to aspiring entertainment professionals. The Galaxy Method is highly sought out by human resource departments at numerous theme parks, cruise ship companies, and more to serve as employee development in companies including Anheuser Busch and Six Flags. The Galaxy Method is also taught at performing arts educational institutes nationwide to students of all ages.

Her trademarked motto is “Don’t be a star…be a galaxy”. For more please visit: and follow @Sangtrice on all social media platforms.

About Lookingglass Alice at Center Stage

A witty tale of curiosity and wonder, Baltimore Center Stage brings a fresh, modern twistto the original story. As the third production in Baltimore Center Stage’s “Season of Community,” Lookingglass Alice is a journey of rediscovery—a timely theme as families reconnect during the holiday season.

Lookingglass Alice is directed by Jeremy Cohen. This is Cohen’s third production at Baltimore Center Stage. He previously directed Let There Be Love (2010) and Wild with Happy (2014) and he is excited to collaborate with staff members that he has gotten to know over the years. For more information, visit or call the box office at 410.332.0033.

About Baltimore Center Stage

Baltimore Center Stage is a professional, nonprofit institution committed to entertaining, engaging and enriching audiences through bold, innovative and thought-provoking classical and contemporary theater. Named the

State Theater of Maryland in 1978, Baltimore Center Stage has steadily grown as a leader in the national regional theater scene. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE and Managing Director Michael Ross, Baltimore Center Stage is committed to creating and presenting a diverse array of world premieres and exhilarating interpretations of established works.


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