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The question of “Faith”

What Faith Means MyCity4HER.comRecently, I saw an image on social media that really resonated with me. It was about FAITH. What is “Faith” anyway? I’m not talking about the obvious religious connotation, but what is faith if you aren’t religious per se? Is it a confidence in yourself, the universe, a good luck omen, or statistical probability? Different definitions describe it in a variety of ways, to me FAITH is the sense it will be OK. It’s like a reassuring feeling. “Faith keeps you company when everyone leaves the room” is one of my personal sayings.

Like many parents, faith plays a role in a lot of what I try do to raise a good human.  There’s no manual, and I can’t always refer to examples I see or have been given as each child is unique, and what works or worked for another sometimes doesn’t apply to mine.  Faith – is what keeps me going when the doubts kick in that I wasn’t pro-active enough, or kind enough, or firm enough, or fun enough. Faith is what keeps me steady on the course when I feel like a total failure, or loser (depending on my often way too cool for me son’s reactions)personally, or professionally. Faith is what allows me to read, watch, peruse the news and hold out for some sliver of positive that will have lasting impact.

How do you keep the faith? What makes you keep going? It’s a question that begs being answered. I’m curious if people will read this blog post and comment about faith and what it means to them, how they keep theirs solid, or reaffirm it. Religious means or not, to me, when you lose faith, in yourself, the world, the universe, there isn’t much left to go on.




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