Q&A with Mike Shelah – Super Connector

You may have seen him online, or at a business meeting or event, Michael Shelah is a fixture of the business scene from Delaware to Northern Virginia.  The Cold Spring,  New York native, who moved here in 1992 has been a resource and super connector to many, in a variety of industries. Mike is known for connecting people, as well as leveraging sales and lead generation techniques. He was an early adopter of online connection and has really grown to be considered an influencer when it comes to making meaningful connections happen online which translate to business.  A Telecommunications professional he started his own firm, Mike Shelah Consulting in January 2015, when it became apparent to him that more people needed help leveraging the opportunities online to help them grow and gain meaningful business.

Mike and Monyka Berrocosa recently had lunch at Suburban House where Mike introduced Monyka to one of the best sandwiches in Baltimore, their signature Reuben. Over bites of salad and the sandwich, the two, who have known each other for over a decade, used the occasion to catch up and dive deeper into Mike’s idea to become an entrepreneur and what his firm is providing businesspeople all over the nation. Learn about this super connector, and his business by reading on…

If you had to describe what your business is about and what you’d want people to know, what would you say?

I Love LinkedIn and I teach others to love it and use it to thrive in business.

What made you decide to become an entrepreneur, or start this venture?

It was a passion, a passion that has helped me be successful in the corporate world. This same enthusiasm carried over naturally to helping others be more successful.

What is the problem your business/endeavor solves, and how?

I teach people how to use LinkedIn to effectively prospect for more customers (and better customers). These same strategies work for people in the job market

Does your business work specifically with women only?

I work with everyone

What was the most intimidating part of starting your venture?

Making the decision to walk away from corporate America and work for myself.

What resources did you use to get started?

WIX, LinkedIn, Associations and organizations ( for example: the chamber, the tech council, networking groups, clubs, meetings etc.) as well as other consultants, also people I knew from the corporate world and had solid connections with.

Do you have partners?

If so, how many? No, I do not at the moment. I’m a text book Solopreneur.

Who were the key players in helping you get your business started (family, friends, advisors – feel free to elaborate…)?

I have a coach, I also have multiple mentors, I work with an accountability partner and I have surrounded myself with caring & talented people.

What is the best business advice you’ve ever gotten and why?

Start with why.  Why are you doing this, who does it help, why would someone benefit from working with you, or your services…Why – it’s a powerful word. You can also visit here, it explains the concept first coined by Simon Sinek.

How do you measure success – in your business and in life?

Success is making money by helping others on a massive scale.

What is your “philosophy” about business success?

“People helpingpeople, its powerful stuff.”

Where and how do you network?

Socially (LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Instagram) as well as in person regionally.

What is your biggest challenge as a business owner?

Identifying my target audience for my various services.

What do you do when you’re not working?

I read voraciously. I am a comic book nerd. I love Baseball. I spend as much time with my wife and children as possible. I’m also known to enjoy a quality glass of bourbon, in moderation.

What are four things you love about Baltimore?

  1. The Orioles
  2. Crabs
  3. Berger Cookies
  4. G&M for crab cakes (can you see a theme here?)

What do you do when you get discouraged?

Get over it quickly and transition to a learning opportunity.

What causes are important to you and if applicable how do you give back?

Autism. I am on the Board Of Directors For Pathfinders For Autism. I also serve on the Fashion Show Committee for Fashion Rocks Autism. I am the president of my Toastmasters Group. I speak to as many college students as possible about LinkedIn and personal branding.

About Mike Shelah

Mike Shelah of Mike Shelah Consulting
Super Connector & Business Consultant Mike Shelah

In 2011, Mike began sharing his insights and perspectives on LinkedIn with audiences throughout Maryland. In 2015, He founded Mike Shelah Consulting to work directly with companies and sales

professionals nationwide to help them find more customers and find them fast, leveraging the power of LinkedIn. Mike uses his experience to evangelize the value of LinkedIn and assist those in the job market wanting to find their dream job and get to the front of the applicant list. A resident of Westminster, Maryland since 2005, Mike is a dedicated husband, father and community advocate. When he is not busy presenting or networking, Mike spends time with his family watching the Orioles, The Ravens & The Terps. To learn more about his business please visit www.mikeshelah.com or call: 443-808-1670



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