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Month: August 2014

Federal Funding to Test Backlogged Rape Kits Stalls

By Amber Reumont Currently, Congress is battling over the budgets of the Departments of Justice, Transportation, Commerce, Agriculture, and Housing and Urban Development. The bill in question proposes allotting $180 billion to these various government agencies. If passed, the funding…

Comprehensive vs. Abstinence-Only Sex Education

By Amber Reumont Sex education is often an awkward part of many students’ school experiences, yet studies show it has a significant and serious effect on their sexual health and decision-making. The impact made by comprehensive sex education is positive…


Discrimination in the Workplace

By Casey King Most people are well aware of the statistics that show that women are making less than men in the same job. However, there are many other ways those women are being put at a disadvantage in the workplace. According to…

Women Against Feminism

By Casey King A new trend has been seen on several social media sites in the last few weeks. “Women Against Feminism” is an online group that has its own Tumblr, Facebook, and hash-tag. It is popping up more and…