Sexual Assault basics on

Sexual Assault Basics

Sexual Assault Basics focuses on explaining the realities of sexual assault against women, and men. The crime is often misunderstood and un…

Iryna Zolotarevych HERstory image

HERstory in the Ukraine

HERstory in the #Ukraine is’s publishing of leading
coach and Ukrainian business leader Iryna Zolotarevych’s account of what is really happening in the Ukraine for today’s businesswoman in…

Tax Season 2022 Basics with 2022

Tax Season 2022 Basics

Tax Season 2022 Basics covers the up to date need to know you need to grow about the 2022 tax season. With the pandemic things are more confusing than ever. Read to learn…

Lessons We Learned in 2021

Lessons we learned in 2021 are good ones. Like many women-owned businesses, we “pivoted” with the best of them, and learned to “Live with the Pandemic”. Awkwardly, begrudgingly, (and, we admit, a bit angrily); never quite fully on board with the concept, we went about our business, or started new ones, we made more time for family and loved ones, and that was a good thing.

Mary Ann Scully Luncheon on March 8, 2022

International Woman’s Month 2022

International Woman’s Month 2022 on – Our roundup of things we thought were just awesome! Read to be inspired and get some i…