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Top 10 Things to Avoid as You Start Your Business

It’s exciting to start a business, however, there are some pitfalls and things to watch out for. Knowing the “Top 10 things to avoid” when starting your business can be a big help. Read on to learn…

The Top Ten Things to Avoid when s

A time to pivot

If you haven’t felt the urge to pivot due to the pandemic, there’s no time like the present to shift. With unemployment at a high, and businesses, particularly small businesses struggling to survive the pivot is becoming the move of choice for those who want to stay relevant.

Lost Income Advice for Women in Business

Lost Income Advice for the Woman In Business

If you’ve recently been laid off, or furloughed and are struggling to figure out how you will make it to the end of the month, or until your next paycheck, here are some practical, tried and true steps to help you survive in the midst of a financial crisis.

Heike Heemann LinkedIn Expert

Linkedin Know How with Heike Heemann

LinkedIn Know How with Heike Heemann, a business coach and Linked In expert is for women in business who have been wondering why their profile on the popular networking platform isn’t working as well as they’d like. Heike is passionate about helping others shine in their careers. Her specialty is supporting mid-career women master LinkedIn.