HER Story

Her Story is where we feature the stories of fascinating and dynamic women in business, women business owners, co-owners, female founders and industry leaders who are experts in their field and successful.

Often the format will be a simple Q&A, where you can get to know the businesswoman and hear her wisdom and tips to be more successful.

Sometimes we include a video, to give you another perspective or way to enjoy the content.

We choose to feature women that are doing interesting and amazing things so that you can be inspired and learn from their success.

Monyka Berrocosa, our founder conducts most of the interviews personally to bring a perspective of warmth and familiarity, to the tone of the articles and video interviews.

Her Story is about every woman’s story and potential. We hope you’ll enjoy these features and learn from them and their subjects in a dynamic and inspiration way.

If you know of someone or would like to be featured yourself, please reach out to us at contact us, and tell us more.