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Four Reasons why Failure can be Good for Business

All too often we are so consumed with success we don’t see the opportunity that failing or falling down – whether in business or life – brings us. The reality is that yes success teaches us a lot (as no doubt would vouch the recently crowned world championship Ravens of which we are so proud! ) However, it is often failing or falling down that teaches us more and may prove in the long run more beneficial.  Sometimes women in business, female entrepreneurs and professionals worry they cannot afford to fail (literally or figuratively) to keep them from trying new things, seeking new opportunities and challenges.  Inevitably though pushing past the fear, and if needed dusting ourselves off and starting again produces even better results than had we not faltered in the first place. With that in mind we thought we’d examine four reasons why failure is good for business.

Falling is only Failure when

MyCity4Her’s Four Reasons why Falling Down is Good for Business

1. Falling down teaches us that we are resilient

When something doesn’t work, or you have set back – you usually are forced to take another stab at it.  Failure and falling teaches us that we are resilient and that we can “bounce” back. It makes us stronger, and we and our businesses are usually better off for it.

2. Falling down forces us to rethink things and at times gain greater perspective

When you fall, you can’t help but think why you did and if you’re interested in the insight that might be gained from a particularly difficult situation when you examine what caused the fall, you learn what to avoid next time to increase the chances of not having the same result.

3. Falling reminds us that no one is perfect

Figuratively or literally falling down is a great reminder that no one is perfect and thus it pushes us to be more human when dealing with others.

4. Falling down teaches you what you’re your made of

When you fall you have the opportunity to directly impact the outcome. How you choose to get back up is up to you and how the event whether figurative or literal defines you is also something you can shape and mold to support your higher vision of yourself and your business. In the immortal words of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time – Henry Ford remember

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

Enterprise Expert in Graphic Design Jessica Watson writes personally about the subject of falling down…

I recently happened upon the quote, “What defines us is how well we rise after falling,” and it struck me in such a way that I had to ponder it further. Our character, and true nature of ourselves, are best seen in our moments after falling. The idea is so simple, but as adults the concept of falling isn’t one that sits easy with us.

Now if you think about it, when did falling down become uncool? I distinctly remember in grade school that the more scrapes and bruises you had, the tougher you were. And how you got those battle scars meant you could survive anything. Do you remember the stories? Were you hanging from one limb on the monkey bars or doing triple flips off the swing when it all went down?

And yet it seems presently, as adults, we sometimes don’t venture out or take a risk because of the fear of falling. It’s okay to fall. Many successful entrepreneurs and business owners will affirm that falling is a part of the process. Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” And he also said “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Falling isn’t your culprit and certainly shouldn’t be feared. Falling is almost a prerequisite for what is yet to come. There is much more emphasis on what you do after you fall.

When the plan didn’t go according to plan. When there was a detail you missed or a mistake made. When you didn’t see it coming. Then what do you do? Do you bow out gracefully and throw in the towel?

No, you rise. You go back to the drawing board. You reevaluate and recalculate. You pull out plan B (and C and D too). Life is like photography, we use negatives to develop a positive picture.

One of my favorite quotes is “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Meaning we have to step out there, on the belief in what we are doing, and we can’t be afraid to fall, in fact we should embrace it. Falling makes you one step closer, it can take you in a different direction, and can lead you in a way you didn’t know possible when you started. There is opportunity in every fall, if you are willing to rise to the challenge and try again.

Jessica WatsonJessica Watson is a successful local entrepreneur and CEO/Creative Director of JWatson Creative, a full service graphic design focused on delivering high quality branding, websites, and marketing collateral that produces results. She is also a manager for B’More Creatives, a networking and support group for women in the creative profession, and is also actively involved in the Marketing Director Support Group. A recent accomplishment has been her role as the driving force behind the “A Day in the Life” Baltimore Design Conference, which welcomes nationally renowned and industry recognized speakers into charm city to lecture on trending topics in design. To find out more about Jessica Watson and J Watson Creative click here.



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