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How To become a Certified (Woman Owned) Minority Business in Baltimore City

Minority Certification is important if you want to compete for lucrative Baltimore City contracts.

There is a difference between Pre-qualification and Certification. According to the City’s own web site

Pre-qualification and certification are different processes. Pre-qualification is the process by which the City’s Office of Boards and Commissions (the “Office”) determines the work capacity of a contractor. Through an analysis of a contractor’s basic financial information, the Office assigns a base capacity rating. The pre-qualification and work capacity rating provide the City some assurances that the contractor has the experience and resources to perform the requirements of a contract. To obtain a pre-qualification application, call the Office of Board’s and Commissions at (410) 396-6883. Certification, as noted above, is the process by which a business is determined to be a minority-owned or woman-owned business. The Minority and Women’s Business Opportunity Office certify firms as an MBE or WBE.

The Baltimore City Minority Certification Process


  • Independently owned and operated business
  • In operation 12 months before applying for certification
  • Minority or women-owned for at least 12 months before applying for certification
  • Have an operating office in the Baltimore City Market Area
 How To Apply

Download, complete, and return the application (Baltimore City Certification Application) to:

City Hall, Room 101
100 N. Holliday Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

For more information about Baltimore City Minority Certification  click here.

Once certified you can be a part of the City’s Online Minority Business Directory – to view – click here.

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