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Meet KeepMeTight’s Shameeka Hunt

Sole Owner of Keep Me Tight, Shameeka Hunt
Sole Owner of Keep Me Tight, Shameeka Hunt

By: Casey King

Shameeka Hunt has revolutionized the way women wear shapewear, with her own creation, the Hour Glas. For the last two years Shameeka has been the sole owner of her company KeepMeTight. She created the company after having two C-sections left her feeling frustrated about finding the right shapewear for her stomach area. Using 100% cotton materials she created the Hour Glas, a lightweight and supportive shapewear that women can wear all day long and still feel comfortable.

A great part of the KeepMeTight company is not just the popular Hour Glas, but also the story behind it. Shameeka is not only a successful businesswoman, but also a mother of two, a wife, and an electrical engineer. Her idea for her shapewear company required lots of balance between family and finances. With two children and her growing business Shameeka admits things didn’t always go as fast as she wanted. However, the pace may have been a blessing in disguise.

“I appreciate the slow and steady growth that has allowed me to perfect and refine my product, think of unique marketing strategies and confidence to try new approaches to reach a broader audience”, says Shameeka

Working from home, and managing her modern shapewear ideas when she is not in “mommy mode”, has been hard but certainly paid off. Her business has launched within a year of her original idea, and continues to grow. Handling so much may seem impossible to some, but with the support of her husband Shameeka has gotten financial guidance, new ideas, and help rasing two children. Family support and smart thinking has allowed her company to have a very personal feel, giving Shameeka a chance to be directly involved with every step of her growing brand.

She chooses the 100% cotton materials and the talented U.S seamstresses and sewers to create her undergarments, as well as conducting personal fittings, that give Shameeka a chance to enjoy making strong connections with her clients while helping them feel more confident in their own skin. Utilizing her technical skills to create original and smart products, Shameeka is reaching her goal to “be unique and challenge people to experience quality products and top-of-the-line customer service.”

Combining work with your personal life may not be for everyone, but it definitely seems to be working in Shameeka’s case. Her best advice is to be prepared for any opportunity, and always be persistent if you want something bad enough. In regards to the unique balance businesswomen have, of family and career, she says, “communication is the biggest factor that makes it work. Also, I try to involve my family in my business as much as possible and where feasible. I keep a very detailed calendar for work and home so that my husband and I can always see what’s happening with our obligations with our jobs and family activities.”

KeepMeTight is currently working towards the next goal of expanding and hopefully going international. To get more information on Shameeka and  the Hour Glas you can visit her website at www.keepmetight.com.keep-me-tight-85740197


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