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Survey Finds Women Crave Entrepreneurial Experience At Work

According to a new survey released by financial services firm Edward Jones, women would like to have more entrepreneurial experience on the job. The survey polled over 1,000 adults and of them, 66% of the female employees say they crave more entrepreneurial experiences at…


Q&A 4Her – Andrea Eldridge

As CEO of Nerds On Call, entrepreneur and woman business owner Andrea Eldridge is involved in the ever-changing world of technology. Because of this, she’s had to learn to adapt her business model to accommodate. This has led to the expansion of her business that…

Q&A 4Her – Jena Gardner

Woman business owner Jena Gardner says she’s been involved in the travel industry for nearly her entire adult life but she didn’t fully understand the enormous reach her company could have on the industry when she first started it. Now…