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Four Tips to Get a Better Picture Taken of Yourself

Vickie Gray has been a legal marketing professional for 25 years, the past 8 have been spent as the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for Ober NoelleKaler, a firm based in Baltimore, Maryland. As a marketer with a keen eye for images, she recognized she enjoyed the visual process and decided to pursue her passion of photography more meaningfully. To read that feature click here.

We recently caught up with her to get a better view on her life as a busy executive and blossoming photography artist. In doing so, we also took the opportunity to ask Vickie to share her expertise on how to have a better outcome when you’re having your picture taken. To the right is a creative and a lovely picture of her niece Noelle, which is very indicative of Vickie’s human and artistic style.

Top 4 Tips to Have a Better Picture Taken of You

  • Look in the mirror. What you see there is what you will see in your photo. Comb your hair. Shave if you are a guy. Fix your makeup. Don’t expect the photographer to do all the work. We’re not magicians.


  • Talk to your photographer. Tell him/her what you like and what you don’t like. What’s your good side? What feature do you absolutely hate? Bring photos and ideas for poses and attire. This is why Pinterest was invented.


  • Women – when posing for casual pics, do not face the camera head on. Turn your body sideways, extend the foot that is closest to the camera away from your body, then turn your head to face the camera. This is a tip from actress Sharon Stone. It makes you looks thinner and minimizes sagging around the neck and chin.


  • “I hate having my picture taken.” Get over it. Your face is your face, whether you like it or hate it. Don’t deprive others of a chance to have memory of you. I lost a dear friend to cancer in January. She hated having her picture taken and I have probably six photos from a friendship that spanned five decades.


Vickie Gray Feature MyCity4HER.comAbout Vickie J. Gray
Chief Marketing Officer, Ober|Kaler
Artist/Photographer, Vickie Gray Images

For 25 years Vickie has helped people build and maintain successful relationships and solid careers.  A recognized leader in the legal marketing field, she’s held senior positions at prominent law firms in Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia. Technology is an important part of her job. She has developed numerous websites, blogs, databases and microsites, as well as has trained dozens of lawyers in social media and online marketing. Because Vickie’s had so many supportive friends along the way it is important to her to offer the same help to others, so she volunteers with workforce development nonprofits and similar agencies that help women succeed in the workplace. Outside the office she’s a photographer, specializing in portrait, milestone, candid and street photography. A native Baltimorean, she finds some of her favorite subjects among the streets and neighborhoods of our city. To view her photography, visit her online portfolio by clicking here.


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