The Heavenly Jewels Alliance


By Casey King

The Heavenly Jewels Alliance is an organization making a difference in the lives of survivors and victims of sexual abuse. The partnership raises awareness of sexual abuse as well as providing women with resources to began the healing process and overcome sexual abuse. The sole owner of the company is Javon Frazier.

Javon is a spiritually strong, mother of two, who has worked hard to create such a remarkable organization. She got the idea after writing her first book, The Hidden Jewel. Being a survivor of sexual abuse, Javon has overcome her own struggles. Her own experiences made her see the need for a space where women can feel safe and get the help they need to live a purposeful and productive life after their abuse.

“I always say sexual abuse is an epidemic that kills everything in its path, whether spiritually, emotionally or physically”

Using her background as an event coordinator, and her savings from her book, as well as donations, Javon was able to get Heavenly Jewels started in July 2014. When getting started Javon acknowledged the importance of networking.

“First and foremost, I relied on my faith. Next, it was important that I establish strong connections in the community. You’re only as strong as your network.”

She had some trouble in the beginning juggling work and family life, but now has a concrete schedule that makes it possible for her to do it all. She admits some time may have been lost in the beginning, letting other people’s opinions effect her decisions. However, now her most valuable advice is to rely on your instincts and trust yourself. Even if that means making a mistake, just keep moving forward.

Javon Frazier seems to truly love what she is doing,

“The most fulfilling part of my job is helping others and watching their lives transform, …I love speaking with other survivors and sharing our stories. Encouraging them encourages me. It motivates me to continue what I’m doing.”

With the help of her “dream team”, her mentors in every area of her life. Javon is not only able to achieve her goals, but also is helping sexual abuse survivors reach their goals. It is inspiring to get to know someone who is so passionate about what they do. Javon is genuinely motivated to help victims begin to heal and live a full and happy life.

Through her online blog, newsletter and book, which can be accessed nationally, Heavenly Jewels is hoping to reach those in need. Not only in Baltimore, but nationwide. You can visit them at, or like the alliance on Facebook at

The Heavenly Jewels Alliance also has several events coming up. Handprints on the Glass, is a one-day workshop on December 6th. You can learn more and sign up on their website. Their next 13-week support group, S.H.I.N.E, which will be beginning in Spring 2015.

Javon encourages women who are currently dealing with sexual abuse to speak up to someone you trust, and begin your healing process. Help is also offered by texting SHINE to 443-494-8161. Heavenly Jewels Alliance is ready to inspire and aid victims of sexual abuse,

“It is our mission to equip those victims with the tools to heal and overcome their abuse and realize that they are beautiful, priceless jewels” H.J pic

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