How The Fiscal Cliff May Impact Small Businesses [Video]

Small businesses from all over met up with White House advisers at the end of November to express their concerns about a number of things, from tax increases to ObamaCare. One of the biggest topics at hand was the potential implications of the fiscal cliff. Among the small businesses in attendance was Bottom Line Growth Strategies‘ CEO and MyCity4Her subscriber Carol Coughlin.

Carol recapped her visit to the White House in an interview with Fox Business’ After The Bell. During the interview, Coughlin spoke about the concerns that were shared among the small businesses and entrepreneurs in attendance. “The biggest concern is that they resolve this issue quickly and decisively,” Carol said when asked if the potential tax increases that would go along with the fiscal cliff concerned her peers.

Coughlin feels that small businesses will be hurt more than larger businesses in the coming year because “a lot of small businesses are funded by angel investors and angel investors are going to be hurt by the increase in capital gains taxes.”

Watch the full interview below.

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