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Local photographer, Kimberly Phillips-Simonetti of Kimberly Fine Portraiture, is holding her 6th Annual Johns Hopkins Children’s Center portrait event to raise funds for the children and families affiliated with the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Children’s Center. Kimberly has risen over $56,000 for the non-profit Johns Hopkins Children’s Center organization. Click here for more information.

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center (JHCC), is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization committed caring for sick children, researching the causes of and cures for childhood illness, and train the pediatricians of tomorrow. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center brings the collaborative multi-disciplinary might and expertise of this venerable institution to bear in treating every child that crosses its threshold. Hopkins Children’s offers the best care available in modern pediatric medicine. U.S. News & World Report ranks Hopkins Children’s among the top ten children’s hospitals in the nation. JHCC connects families with resources and provides them with extra special care and treatment during the duration of necessary hospital care. For further information on JHCC, visit their website byclicking here.
Participating of the 6th Annual Kimberly Fine Portraiture event will submit the donation directly to Kimberly Fine Portraiture with checks made payable to John Hopkins Children’s Center or JHCC. Each donating participant will receive a One (1) hour portrait session with internationally recognized award winning photographer, Kimberly Phillips-Simonetti of Kimberly Fine Portraiture. Each donation will go to benefit the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. JHCC has no additional administrative fees, which allows for a full 100% tax deductible donation. Each participating family will receive a Complimentary 8” x 8” Marquis Finish Portrait to complete the donation. Each family has the option to purchase additional portraits at a drastically reduced rate as a special thank you and appreciation for donation to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

Kimberly Phillip-Simonetti, JHCC sponsor, has long believed charitable work is the backbone of the community. She created this fundraiser to highlight excellence in portrait photography industry as well as continuously raise funds for JHCC, the Kimberly Fine Portraiture “Children helping Children Portrait event was established in 2004.

People who would like to donate to the 6th Annual Portrait Event may do so by calling Kimberly Fine Portraiture at 410.356.1330. The portrait event is open to children of all. For more information, click here.

Kimberly Phillips-Simonetti, Master Craftsman Photographer of Kimberly Fine Portraiture has been a professional photographer practicing in the Baltimore/Washington Metro area since 1984. Kimberly has her Masters in Photography and she attends several conferences a year to continue developing herself both artistically and professionally, and as a result, her client’s portraits continue to be both innovative and beautiful, receiving all the benefits of the latest techniques in digital enhancement.
Having grown up in the area, Kimberly is very involved in her community, actively donating her services and contributing to many local charities, schools and hospitals, with the “Children Helping Children” Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Annual Portrait event as her annual charity focal point. While her portraits may currently be found hanging at several premiere mall locations in the Baltimore area, you may also find her artwork displayed on , Facebook, her Fan Page, and Twitter


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